Gorilla glue ilgm

Also yes I know it looks messy I cleaned it up tho after the pics, my locks drop hair sometimes lol

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i found brown spots on my leaves, buying hydrogaurd right away, again a little disappointed with the grobo for a 2100 dollar machine it wasn’t everything it advertised, and im not trying to be rude just honest, theres a lot that can be improved in this machine, for the people who just plant their seed and let it go i feel bad for cus their plants must never make it

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Looking good to me. Only thing I would say is be gentle, but try pushing the pod down so it’s flush with the tray. Really shouldn’t cause problems if you don’t. It’s just my ocd, and following Grobo instructions kicking in😂

thanks man, i just found some brown spots im buying hydro gaurd rn hopefully it fixes the problem, i see all these people growing so well and i cant seem to figure it out, i did everything right so idk why these issues are occurring

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Surprisingly there is a lot of ppl on here that do absolutely nothing. Even a few champs that live by just using what the Grobo provides besides trimming and topping obviously. And they have great success doing so. But ppl like myself that want to go the extra mile engineer upgrades, or use other additives. It’s all in what you want to do bud, and what you want your outcome to be.

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well this machine is suppose to be a self automated contained discreet grow box, and well its almost that, i shouldnt have to spend 2100 and then have to go and buy upgrades for it, also why is there brown spots, the water i though is suppose to keep it clean by circulating with bubbles, and the bubbles are going so idk whats the issue, like i said i had plants once outside then moved them in and never had brown spots

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I’m not an expert by any means. I’m on my second grow after a failed attempt. It’s really all your environment, temp inside, water temp, and a multitude of other factors. I forget what brown spots mean. If you go up to the top of the main page of the forum you can click the search bar, and type brown spots and see what other people’s solutions were. Or you can even fill out a support ticket. Hopefully you have luck. Got to get back to work. Cheers

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my environment? its suppose to be a contained unit, my house shouldn’t have to be the temp for the machine, it should come with temp control for inside the machine you know, for a 2100 dollar machine its has a little too many issues you know, this machine should be cheaper then tbh, if i have to go buy temp controll stuff and hydro gaurd and have to set my house to a certain temp to make the environment right then they need to work on this machine more, they shouldnt be selling these for tht much then

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@Anthony_Valenti funny, I am growing the same strain from the same place and pretty much at the same point in the grow. This is my fourth attempt at a grow, my first 3 died from underdeveloped roots. Like you I was expecting a completely automated system and it isn’t quite that. I purchased an inexpensive thermoelectric cooler that now keeps my water reservoir around 68 degrees. Before adding the water cooler my reservoir would hit almost 80 degrees so this is already a big difference. Definitely invest in a water temp monitor, they are only like $6 on Amazon. If your reservoir temp is in the 70’s or higher, you will see some issues. I live in a condo on the top floor and can’t keep the temp in my place below 76 so it is a challenge. Don’t get discouraged with the brown spots, you will figure it out and use the resources on this site, they helped me.


Dude my plant is drooping bad

Dude I have purchased so much extra stuff for this thing I’m about to return it, I could’ve made my own with the money I’m spending and spent already

Your plant looks okay. It’s not uncommon for the first set of leaves to get a little spotted. It’s most likely the plant getting used to the nutrient solution. What’s the temperature of the environment the Grobo is in?
Like you, I was initially disappointed in the ROI given the units limitations, and if you’re a heavy smoker and you’re thinking that this machine is going to end up saving you money - think again. That said, it’s pretty dang good for what it is and does a heck of a job of incubating a plant, regulating food intake at an optimal level. if you can keep the machine operating within human comfort parameters.
Per droopiness, How wet is the cocopod to the touch? It should be damp, but not wet. If so, check to make sure the the cocopod is not sitting IN the water.


Na dude now it’s drooping really bad this is getting worse and worse every day

Dude stop asking me the temp u and everyone else does this like are ya serious, it’s in my bed room I’m not making my room the environment fir the plant that’s why I bought this so called contained self automated system, also my room goes from 71-74 degrees also my pod isn’t in the water, it’s a little damp feels a little cold tbh but why is that happening

Maybe your plant just doesn’t like you. Can’t understand why, you seem so pleasant.
Iget your frustration, but I’m just a dude here. I don’t work for Grobo and I was just trying to help. Can’t help without baseline info. Good luck


I had a plant in the window then I moved it outside then inside into a closet and it was growing my healthy and strong than this plant so no it’s not me, this machine is false advertisement he scammed mad people it shouldn’t cost this much money but with his false advertisement people think it’s worth it also I only smoke like .5 a day so if this did work yeah it would save me money but it don’t seem like it is

@Anthony_Valenti What’s your water temps, bro?

When you did a drain/fill did you happen to mark the bottles or notice how much got dispensed? The bottles dispense within an hour after a drain/fill, I think it’s usually actually around/within 15 minutes. Just mark the current level on the sticker of the bottle with a marker, then after drain/fill wait about 30 mins and check and you should see a new spot to mark on 3,4,5.

One thing you can always do is drain/fill with new water to “retry” that process, in case not enough of the fluid made it through the lines and into the water, this almost always happens at first after starting a new grow. But make sure to use new water and not the same water unless you’re sure none of the bottles dispensed into it.

why does water and room temp matter, im having this same issue rn

The water type matters because some tap water can be fine for humans but not good for plants, but it depends on where you live and how your water is delivered. It’s recommended to use distilled or RO water in order to only add what we want to the water and that way we know exactly what is in it.

The room temperature matters because the water temperature is directly related to it. We can’t let the water temperature get too warm or it will cause problems, although adding hydroguard to your water when you drain/fill will give you some slack there and let you run the water a bit warmer than without. It’s cheap to pick up an aquarium thermometer and just keep an eye on the water temp if you’re not sure what it is. I used a digital meat thermometer that I already had to check on that before I got the aquarium thermometer.

If you pop that little square trap door off of the bottom/back of the unit (and optionally direct a fan in that direction) it might help to reduce the reservoir temperature a bit if you find it’s a problem.

Simplest thing to do is just pick up a bit of hydroguard. You can get the smallest bottle it doesn’t take much.


Wait I’m suppose to be using the same water? I been using new water every week