Gorilla Glue Day 57 (Day 5/42 Flowering)

Smells great, I love GroBo! My only regret is that I should have bought this earlier!


She’s looking fantastic!!! Nice and green… my last grow was gorilla glue. She’s gonna get real nice and sticky!!! Enjoy😎


Who’s the breeder for this “Gorilla Glue” ?

What up Jamminbear. I am the breeder? If youre looking for seeds the GroBo has the links.

The breeder is one that makes the seeds- it’s ok. I thought u grew from clone. Gorilla glue #4 is a cutting and isn’t in seed form


I have a pack of these on the way. Are they considered a different genetic as they are S1s?

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@SWSVIC those sold out pretty fast! Which bank did u get it from ?

Harvest Mutual

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