Going Away for a week [RESOLVED]

I am going away next Saturday for a week. I am worried about my plant. I have 16 more days of flower and then a 10 day flush. I change out the water weekly on Mondays. However I leave very early next Saturday. I don’t have anyone who can come in and change or top up. Do you have a suggestion as to how to manage this situation? Maybe top up after a drain a fill higher than normal and hope for the best??!


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Do your drain and fill just before you leave and make survyou top her off. Should be fine, but I’d get @Stephen input as well :+1::v:

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@Osage is correct do your drain and fill and add as much extra water as you can and you will
Be good plus your at the end of flower so it should be ok

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Solid advice for you @Andyrmt from both @Osage and @chris_barfield.

Swap out the water just before you go, adding in extra above the high water level sensor, but not higher than the lip of the tank.

Enjoy your trip,




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Thank you!