Germination "Eager Beaver"

Before pic 5/43 flower

After pic 5/43 flower but did a little more just did take the complete results but very noticeable trim.


Looking goooood @Thatguyb.y!!! :raised_hands::call_me_hand:

Out of curiosity, what type of water are you using? 1 & 2 look a little low per my grow, and I’m about a week behind ya.

@PfreshLXG that’s just the lighting my 1&2 are high towards the top barely any been used from them. I’m using Distilled Water to answer your question

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Oh good, I was worried for a sec hah :sweat_smile:

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Update Time!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


looking good brotha! Some big fan leaves in there, she’s definitely stretching! :clap: :100:

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partial super crop getting ties and magnets today but going to finish super crop after store run with a topping of distilled water… any suggestions on what to do or what to look for? besides the sweet smell and look of buds…


What a plant! That really grew up :slight_smile:


Which day you see your germination is grow???

Because I’m new with the grobo, just arrive yesterday with blue dream seed and today is the day 2

Did you plant it 2 days ago??

Today going to be day 3 but I still see nothing

Give it time, she will pop! It can take anywhere from 3 to 14 days to see some action. Sit tight for now. If you don’t see anything by day 9 check back in with us.


Day 3 going to day 4 without any roots

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Btw I’m from Asia and I use tap water


Day 73
21/43 flower stage


Keep waiting man, I was getting worried because I didn’t see anything happening, I waited about 10 days and there was no growth. I didn’t even see the seed in the pod anymore! I say wait about 7-10 more days and if nothing happens it’s time to start again. If you do have to start over try germinating your seed in a small glass of tap water overnight, that’s what ended up working for me!

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Looking goooooodddd man!!! :sunglasses:

I think I will restart again but I hope I do not because today is going to be day 7 and did not see anything yet , 3 more days to go to finish my germination

Update of Baby Girl Day 80 flower (28/43)
Do I need to trim more leaves off I’m taking suggestions but I think I did enough with the strain I have???.[Bruce Banner]


My god this thing is a bush monster! Just doesn’t stop!