Germination day 6

Hello all! I have done the germination before with putting in water for 24 hours before planting. This is the first time I have just planted seed.
With that Said - I am on day 6 and it hasn’t popped above cocoa pod. Should I be concerned?


No need to be concerned. Seeds can take 10-12 days to show. I think most prefer the shot glass or paper towel method that way you can see the seed pop before planting, but totally up to you. Maybe take a peek into the pod and see if she’s popped, then cover her back up. My first I did paper towel and once she popped I put into the pod, sprout was showing at day 6.


Thank you sir. Enjoy your day!

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She’s popped. I did what you said and put back the cover :slight_smile:


Awesome! Now just wait a few more days and she should be saying hello!

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