Gelato in tent (Harvested), CBD Critical Mass in Grobo (harvested)

Been a while since I’ve posted…busy with life and everything else. Just thought I’d share some pics of my girls. Tent is Gelato (week 5 of flower) Grobo is CBD Critical mass (week 2 of transition), and the aerogarden is 2 White Widows and a wedding gelato at day 7-ish. Gelato was dropped a bit later so it’s only day 2 but taproot is out and she’ll be arisen in a day or two.


So funny that you are messing with that aerogrow unit, I am in the process of converting one to house the Start peat pod baskets. I want to grow a plant to harvest in it just for fun. Mine is pretty large and hold 2 gallons so I might be able to pull it off.


My only thought is that the aerogarden light isn’t strong enough. Seems that any seed in the 2 right or left openings seem to stretch inwards as if they aren’t getting enough light directly above. Also, I don’t know about peat, but I first started with rock wool and lost 3 seeds to algae on the rock wool.

I have a plan to avoid moss/high moisture/dampening off. I have a PVC coupler that will raise the peat pod up so it doesn’t come close to the water. If you look close you will see a cut shoe lace… yes a cut shoe lace :joy: that inserts in the bottom of the pod and dangles into the reservoir. I read somewhere in my late night reading travels about how well they work to wick water into plants but only all natural cotton ones. This Aerogrow also extends 30” high so not bad. I only plan on using the one open spot for a single plant in the middle. This way I can use the light post as an anchor for training. There is also a support rack that inserts into the top of the unit to help LST and support.

I agree the light isn’t enough power and it will probably die but I love a challenge. It holds 2 gallons so I am going to mirror a Grobo grow, measure the nutrient displacement, make the adjustments for the smaller reservoir and manually add weekly to the Aerogarden. It also has an air pump but I could also go further and easily drill a hole in one of the silicon plugs and add another air hose or even a mini water cooler system if I really want to geek out. :nerd_face: Won’t go that far but will try and see if it has a chance.


Just installed the chiller for the tent set at 18c with a 1 degree swing.

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I’ve started several in my aerogarden in between lettuce crops…haven’t lost a single one. I transplanted to 3.5 gal hydro buckets about 10-14 days after germination.


In many videos I have watched it is recommended to have a water temp that varies at least 5 degrees to allow the best absorption of nutrients since some like to be absorbed at 65 degree while others like it at 69 degrees. Just regurgitating what I have watched.

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Adjusted to a 2c degree swing, as long as it doesn’t hit 70f I’ll be happy.

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I have mine set to keep it 65-69 degrees, only allowing a 4 degree swing. This works very well and the chiller doesn’t run all day.

Mine only deals with Celcius, so 18-20c should be good

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Well, took some pretty horrible trich pics but tons of amber. Lost track of where I was in the grow but that’s ok. I’ll be flushing today and harvesting next weekend.


Just shut down the lights for the next 2 days, harvest on Saturday!




Took a wet weight this morning after about 16hrs of drying so far, 4.5 oz not including the trim. Not the greatest but my first tent grow so I’m happy with the results. Looking forward to the next grow as I’ve got some changes coming.


How long was it that u had ur humidity down to 29 :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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Just the day I took that picture. There was a discrepancy between the temp and rh sensor and what my humidity controller was seeing.

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Ok :ok_hand:t3: but I did learn from @Mpower11 ur last two weeks before harvest u drop ur humidity down to 30 25 they start to build more trichomes or something like that​:+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I’m only willing to do one experiment at a time, this one was cutting out lights 48hrs before harvest. Maybe next time I’ll lower humidity. I was trying to follow VPD for this grow.


:ok_hand:t3: Na that’s cool :sunglasses: let me know how it turns out I only mentioned it cause I love :heart: tight buds I think :thinking: a lil more then the fluffy ones :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Congrats on your harvest @FireGuy !