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9.) It’s Possible to Bleach Plants With Too-Bright Light

Light Bleaching – most common with high-power LEDs, but can also happen poorly ventilated HPS lights that are kept too close to the tops of the plants. Basically, this is what happens when plants get too much light, kinda like how the hair on top of your head can turn lighter if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

White tip of this "albino" cannabis plant is actually caused by light bleaching

A closeup of the bleached part of a cannabis bud that was given too high levels of light

Buds which have been bleached tend to be low potency or even have no potency (no available THC or other cannabinoids). Therefore you should avoid light-bleaching your plants at all costs!

Text-book example of light bleaching cannabis making the buds white - this bleaching was caused by high-intensity LED grow lights

Sometimes light-bleached cannabis will get mislabeled as “albino cannabis” or “white cannabis” but the truth is that the white color is not healthy, so this is not a desirable trait (even if it looks pretty cool).


10.) Flowering Cannabis Plants Can Make “Sap”

Sap – there’s lots of speculation about what it is. No one knows for sure. Many growers who have run into this agree that the type of sap produced is sweet and doesn’t contain much (if any) THC. It is mostly made of sugar and water and so is not smokable. Seems to be related to the plant over-producing sugars, and sap productions is more common when

  • Plants being in the flowering stage
  • Using sugar supplements like molasses, Botanicare Sweet, Sugar Daddy, etc.
  • Big temperature difference between night and day, especially if it gets cold at night
  • Certain strains or individual plants seem more likely to produce sap
  • Yet sometimes oozing sap seems to happen for no known reason

“Strain: Kosher Kush. Flowered her for 70 days and she was covered in trichs. When we harvested her we noticed about a dozen of these sap like globes. They range in color from clear to amber.”

~ DC514

Cannabis "sap" appearing on buds - unfortunately this sap is mostly sugar water with little to no potency

“The plants had already been flushed properly – I let the soil dry completely and fed the plants 2TBSP/gallon of molasses, let them eat and then flushed them out again and waited 2-3 days before harvest. Both plants started producing excretions all over. I’ve seen this before, sap leaking from the stem of plants, however personally I’ve never seen it on the buds themselves. What I believe happened is the pores of the plants either get clogged and therefore “pop” for lack of a better word. Or, the plant liked the molasses better than it’s natural sugars and forced some of those out. Either way I’m going to try this on another plant and see what happens. Is there a benefit to it? Probably not, but I’m going to get the substance tested. I’ve ingested all of the little sap pockets I’ve found and while it tastes like canna, it doesn’t seem physchoactive. Who knows, it could be loaded with CBD or something else.”

~ SeriousSports

Sap globule appearing all over the buds of this cannabis plant

Stem Sap (more common) – often appears to seep out of injured parts of the stem, but not always! Sometimes sap seems to ooze out of uninjured parts of the stem.

Sap seeping from the stem of a cannabis plant is somewhat more common than seeing sap on the buds

In this last case, there’s nothing that seems to be causing the sap except possibly genetics. Here’s what HNIC_204, the grower, had to say…

This is my first grow, literally. I have a couple females, that are currently in flowering. I am growing in soil with guano and flowering ferts (Flora Nova and Cal Mag). I have not added any sugars such as molasses or sugar daddy. The temperature stays pretty consistent, such as 78 during the day and 80’s when the lights are on. The seeds are mids from VA. The plant is looking as though it is a sativa hybrid. I’ve had two plants leak the sap, which tasted like honey, but didn’t have an aftertaste. I attempted to express more of the substance to come out and it would not. Maybe the sap is something to attract males, caused by pheromones. I don’t know, but if this happened on my first grow, I think it’s an awesome phenomenon. I have asked my local grow shop, but they didn’t have a clue.

Sap oozing out of cannabis stemAnother look at that marijuana sap


Vegetating Cannabis Plants Have an Amazing Ability to Heal

“This is a white widow a couple of weeks into flower, quite nice, but look to the bottom of the stem and you see a big ‘knuckle’.”

Knuckle has formed at the base of this cannabis plant

“This lady was snapped mid veg by accident. She was completely on her side and connected to the main stem by a few fibers and a sliver of ‘skin’. The ‘connected’ tissue was around 1mm, (around the thickness of a credit card).

“She was roughly taped upright with some very haphazard wrapping with electrical tape and forgotten about. Not only is she looking pretty good, (for a small pot and relatively modest light), she’s not at all delayed or less healthy than her sisters. I guess the message is never give up…”

~ DrWeedington

A close-up of the knuckle that formed after this plant suffered a major wound (stem was almost completely separated, then taped back up)

Check out this manifold that was accidentally split down the middle when the plant was young.

The split manifold of a cannabis plant (closup)

The plant came back with a vengeance and ended up getting bigger than the other plants in the tent!

Cannabis plant with a split manifold


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