Full/plush plant from top to bottom?

Oh yeah more than ready for transition. Just try and allow for recovery time in between your stress training :+1:


@Russel_Richardson (still learning the lingo) but just to clarify, you mean to “stress” by starving the plant a little in between the water changing periods and waiting a day before changing after it’s notified me to change the water?

Or stress by crimping the stems and bending them in various directions?


Yeah stress by force/bending or trimming/topping. When you do the stress training like you’re going to need to maybe just give it a week or so to recover. It’s just if you keep doing it you could shock her is all but I think you pretty well got the hang of it. Maybe keep a log of when you did something, like when you last super cropped, so that you’re not doing it too often. If she needs a trim a good rule of thumb is to try and take no more than 20% of the foliage, but again that’s up to you.

Looks like you’re going to need to do more soon cause she’s getting close again lol

You could also probably do away with the bottom 1-1.5ft of the plant as it’s not getting any light, and it won’t be growing any smoke worthy buds most likely