For owners: what are your thoughts of the noise the machine makes

Yeah like a fish tank hum almost. Mines in my living room, it’s white noise now for me, only thing I notice is the lights going off and on lol

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Noise - Like @azuri said it’s exactly like a bathroom exhaust fan. I keep mine in my basement so I never hear it.

Smell - I get a lot of smell the room it’s in . If you keep it in a different room and close the door your ok.


It is much noisier than I expected and is annoying. And my unit does little to nothing to contain the smell.

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@Cornholio…correct you can’t contain smell if you can see into the machine from the top right and left side just below the wood top .

I’m surprised the engineers didn’t think of cutting a groove line in the wood so the metal frame can slip in and voila, sealed !


It is noisier than I expected, but I don’t really notice it anymore. I wouldn’t keep it in the living room though.

My grow isn’t advanced enough to experience any odour, but from what I’ve read on here I would think that reversing the air flow direction of the fans so they are exhausting the unit rather than pushing air into it would help. Then if there did happen to be any leakage around the door, or anywhere else, air would tend to migrate into the unit through any such spots. With the filter placed on the suction side of the fans, any air in the interior of the unit would have to pass through it. With the fans supplying rather than exhausting, the interior is positive relative to the room, and air is gonna find its way out any way it can if the seal is not tight.

I know this thread is more about the noise, but I do worry a bit about the smell once my grow is further along.


I used a clear drying silicone to fix that seal problem :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Tell you the truth I had a small issue with the fans making noise but I tapped them a couple times with my finger and the loud sound went away hope that helps :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t4:

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I’m trying something new to control the smell but I just started my grow so we’ll see in about a month

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I’m having a whining noise coming from my fans in my light housing … is this what you mean? And if so how did you tap it cuz it’s driving me crazy

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Oh no bro it was the back two fans, wouldn’t that fan be accessible from where the filter is?

I tapped my back fan blades, that solved it. The wood top is held in with 4 screws take it off and fan is accessible. May just need some cleaning causing off balance vibrations.


Gotta look into this cuz it’s daaaaamn annoying

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