Flower stage Lighting

Hey Growers! Loving the Grobo. Totally digging the info on the forums and the customer support from the Grobo team is top notch!

Quick question:

I’m day 4 in flowering stage right now and I’m still seeing the very blue/white light.

Transition was the same blue/white as veg, just on a 12 on/12 off cycle. I expect flower to transition to the redder hues…

Is this an all at once change? Or is is a nearly imperceptible change over the course of days/weeks?


I went through this SAME thing. Support will tell you that you won’t notice the light changes. They will however schedule a call and go through all the led colors with you so you can see they are working.


You really can’t tell by the naked eye!


Oh yes. The red LED works great!! When it’s on it’s on full blast! Was just curious as to the timing of the hue shift. I didn’t figure it’s all at once, like day 1 of flower the lights go red. The LeD provides the ability to mimic natural light patterns and a better gradient to ease the plant into the next stage.

I was more curious as to how long that shift plays out, and will those lights ever get to full red.

Unlike the purple hues as a night light, the red hues emanating from the door would be much easier on the eyes for those midnight pisser trips. Hahaha

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