FloraKleen and Nutrient Burn

I’m curious, I know FloraKleen breaks down salts, which can help with nute burn. How and when do I use it to prevent/treat nutrient burns?


I personally have only used florakleen as a final flush.

To help breakdown soil I used


But at the end of the day it will not save you if your soil is dry and your Ec is high = Nute burn :fire:

If you change to LOS that should solve that problem.


Sorry, I should have mentioned this is a hydro setup.


Well if you want to go a different direction I still say LOS will solve that. Hehe

Hydro the best advice I can give you is lower your Ec. Read the plant. Fan leafs look dark lower the Ec (before you see the burn).

Remember at some point you feed them more than they can eat.

Both products I posted can help still with hydro but end of the day it comes down to Ec. It’s a hard battle I know the feeling.

Hope this helps a bit I know it’s not really the answer you were looking for but maybe someone else has a better idea for you


That does help. I’m still learning how to read the plants so this definitely helps.



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