First top

So :thinking:!!!

Do I Top Now or Still leave her for a few more days

! 20201209_181110|375x500


Where’d you get the cool grid?

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How many nodes are out? normally top at 5

watch this it will help you out

around 5 min’s Stephon talking about topping


Hi :wink:

I followed a post on hear & made from a Under Worktop Draw :wink:



Hey man, how many nodes do you see, I topped mine at the 5th node, meaning I cut my 5th node off, ur plant looks huge lol so I’m gonna assume u have 5 nodes, if so I would go ahead and top, you don’t wanna top too late near the flower stage, that’s what I heard

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Hi :wink:

Thinking exactly the same :thinking:!

Gonna put some pics up later hopefully :wink:

& your right about size :astonished:! Might av2 move out if it keeps up :rofl:!!

Must say as a total novice & my first ever grow im More Than Impressed with this little beauty of a machine :wink:

100% perfect No…what ever is :roll_eyes:!! But with support & backing like this & other forums it can only go from strength to strength & give the traditional growers a run for there money…


…Only jokin :rofl:!:roll_eyes:!

Two different ships crossing the same seas sailing to the same destination…

WoW deeeeeep maaan :wink:!:sunglasses:!:rofl:!

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Word keep us posted, also don’t worry about topping it’s super easy, I did my first ever top the other day

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But I Am…
I Am :wink::rofl:

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She looks ready to top based on what I can see from the above picture

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Well that was more difficult gettin a decent shot with all the veg about :wink:!:rofl:!


Hope I’ve done everything right :thinking:??

Go Baby! Go :wink:!:rofl:!..

Just looked myself & apart from a little tidying should I also do a little Lolipopping :thinking:??

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Not sure if it will make a difference but u should have only cut middle piece of that u chopped off. The two side of that would have became main offshoots

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I think he’s fine… the two underneath will become main shoots now…

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Ya not wrong are ya :roll_eyes:!:sob:!:flushed:!:triumph:! F@$# :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If possible can I go down to the nxt node :thinking:??

These will become the new two shoots. you’re fine.


Cheers m8 :sweat_smile:!:wink:!:+1:!