First timer here, be gentle

So, female, right? I’ve just recently switched to 12/12.
I’m having issues with my PH. I’m trying to increase the acidity. Any quick recommendations?
Thanks a ton

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I’m sorry, it’s not letting me add my pic. I’m such a noob


Are you growing in the grobo? PH is maintained by the machine.
A few more details :slight_smile:


I think you have to have a few posts before you can add an image.


Ok, that must be why, thanks Bee. No, Todd, I’m using a tent and soil. I plan to switch to coco noir for my next try. I’ve learned a lot since I started this one, so I’m sure they’ll only get better from here. I read to spritz the soil with vinegar, but that isn’t doing much, if anything. I should’ve explained it better, sorry. Grobo is on my list of future purchases once I can see if I can manage not to kill this one.


Get an organic ph down. Usually 18 bucks a bag. Mix into your water and go a bit lower every time to bring it down.
Lemons and vinegar are very weak imo