First Grow - White Widow Hybrid x2

Maaaan. I want to but don’t know how. It’s not even my microscope. My friend bought it for knives and lent it to me. Said the attachment for pictures on a DSLR camera is almost as expensive as the whole microscope!

It’s CRAZY to look under there. The flower looks ALIEN. I really wish I could take a pic that would do it justice. I can see ever damn trichome down to the finest detail. Quite amazing.

I laughed at my friend for buying a “stereomicroscope” and now I find myself wanting to buy it from him!


It’s amazing! I’d spend so much time with one of those lol. That’s why I asked, but it’s very aesthetically pleasing as well!


You know, it’s funny. I never thought I’d look at a microscope and think it was a cool decoration, but it totally DOES look cool. I gotta admit.


Oh my goodness. I’m in shock! My babies are almost fully grown. It’s like I’m walking them down the aisle at a wedding.

Ilana first. She was the runt. She is starting to outshine her sister now. She is still in flower cycle. I extended both by a week, but this is now Ilana extended to a 4th week of flower cycle (today is 64 days). I plan to probably do an extra extra week on her just to see the difference in extra time. As an experiment.

And now Abbi. The big girl. She is in flush. Just a few more days left. I’m going to close my eyes and ears a bit and just hope I didn’t flush too soon. I’m hoping for a noticeable difference in the two plants since the truth is they started off very differently, with one maturing with few problems and they other having more problems.

I learned a lot so far. @Orionsceiling and many others have been so helpful.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Anything I should know with just a few days left until flush cycle ends?


Keep up the great work! :muscle::muscle::muscle: strong man = strong plants!


Is it normal to feel pain while cutting the plant up?


You’ ve spent so long caring and loving them! Yes, it’s normal to feel pain. But soon you’ll be feeling the love returned to you :star_struck:

everything looks wonderful!!


Wow…nice! I hope to feel your pain in about a month…auto…


Sneak preview at next generation. This is Abbi 2.0. So far she is growing amazingly well. She sprouted much stronger than all her siblings in the small grow box before being placed in the Grobo.

I was a little confused as to where to start the plant in the process. I let it start in the germination cycle even though it was already in the early vegetation cycle. I cut that short by a few days and now it’s in early vegetation according to the Grobo.


Looking fantastic!


Big auto!

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I know…I had to turn the cinder blocks supporting my tabletop on their sides…gave me an extra 8" of clearance which “Liv” really needs.


The flower from my two first princesses.


That looks bountiful!


Looks nice!! If you want to get your humidly back up to 62 % to store your product

62% BOVEDA pack


Whoa!!! Update update update!!!
Tried Abbi 3.5 weeks after starting curing process. Wow! Amazing! Very nice smoke. Smooth. Not harsh at all.

Chill mood but still alert and have energy to do things. Smoked with a friend. He loved it. Better than medicinal marijuana bought in dispensary.


I didn’t start a new thread for this gal, Abbi 2.0. I started her before the Grobo and transplanted her. Should I be transitioning her now? It’s 4 days away from starting transition. Last time mine grew too tall. This girl is growing like a beauty so far!!!



  • (Yes, Definitely Transition Time): (I Say Below The Second Fan For Transition): (Of Course I Am 4-Days Late To Seeing This To Respond On Time): (Maybe I Should Be Retired Already So I Can Be On This More Often): ([EveryBody] On Vacation I Guess): (I Need To Twin Myself Up): (Listen [:ear:] To The Laughter [:laughing:]): {:sparkling_heart:}:

Laughing Quadruplet Babies! - YouTube


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Hope she’s doing well! How bout that quick turnover time wow