First Grow - White Widow Hybrid x2

Looking very good. Are you using Silica additive? The stem looks really filled out.


Honestly, I’m not using any additives. I’ve come close to ordering some Hydroguard based on how many people swear by it. I kind of wanted to try a run with just the basics, but I’ve already bought thermometers, humidifiers, reverse osmosis machines, and let’s be honest…I’m going to buy more stuff.

What do you guys think? Extend another week, right?


Looks good! I have similar spots on my leaves.I think they’ll stretch in flower but not sure. I’d let them grow in transition

I still haven’t decided to extend the late growth or not. I’m leaning towards not extending just so I can start a new grow sooner. I made a couple mistakes on this first grow. Neither plant is very tall yet, but both have been starting to stretch more the past week or two. I read they still grow during transition. I’m hoping 2 weeks of transition can get them a bit taller.

Any advice? Should I be pruning more leaves from the bottom?


Is this a photo seed? If so, it’s generally recommended to flip to Transition when your plant reaches to the 2nd fan. I would extend late veg. Your plant will keep growing.


Yeah, it’s a photo seed. I always read about the second fan being a guiding landmark. Ok. All I had to hear was a single person tell me to extend a week and I’d do it. I think I’ll do so now. They grew a bunch between the last two days. I was super excited to see Ilana looking greener today than ever before.

I’ll extend a week and hopefully they both grow a bunch. I’d hate to have to extend two weeks, but whatever it takes.

What’s the deal with “topping off water”? What are the benefits for me? Should I add some water when I check on them daily? How much! Thanks in advance for any help.




Here’s what my schedule looks like for my current grow. I’ve noticed that folks tend to extend late veg but not early veg. I extended early veg cycle due to having issues early on and it was advised by the Grobo team.

As for topping off your water - I’m not sure if topping off during the early stages is a good idea as damping off can be a major concern but maybe someone else can weigh in on this. During the flower cycle your plant drinks a lot of water so it’s a good idea to top off every few days.


No denying differences in size now. Abbi is MUCH thicker and taller than Ilana. I blame the ph meter still, but the calibration juice I bought still hasn’t arrived.

I topped Ilana today. This is the second time she has been topped now. Abbi was also topped once, but I’m going to leave her be because she is growing so well by herself right now I don’t want to stop her mojo.

I’m likely going to extend Ilana’s late vegetation growth cycle, but not so for Abbi. Unless someone convinced me otherwise, I’ll likely let Abbi move into Transition mode. It’s 3 days away and I think she will reach second fan by then. Or I can extend her another week. Halp?!?!?!?


This really depends on the phenotype and environment. I’d wait til you can get her ph meter right and then flip to flower.

But I bite my tongue saying to watch yourself doing that bc she can get outta hand. Look around on here and some Grobo growers have their plants tucked all around because they’re too close to the light and crowding the space within the Grobo.

A lot of times the stretch is pretty gnarly on these girls (ofc depending on pheno and where you got your seeds etc) so if it were me I’d be careful with extending late veg when the plant is so close to the top fan already.

And if you haven’t been, it’s beneficial to top off water in this stage. These ladies can DRINK.


Day 45 - Late Vegetation Day 21/14

Big day for the gals today. I pruned them more than I have in the past. Both are looking healthy and now have more foliage hidden underneath and getting little to no light. I made sure to get the back side which I miss more often. I also notice less brown leaves in Ilana. I’ve been picking off the worst offenders over time. Abbi is super green and looks very healthy.
Ilana shows signs of recovering from where she was topped. Abbi is growing like a freak at this point.
I took the advice and topped both ladies off. Abbi drank a LOT of water. Ilana not as much.

I am forging ahead to flower stage with Abbi and giving Ilana another week of late vegetation. I hope Ilana continues her recent hot streak of growing bigger and healthier. I also hope Abbi continues on her path.


Abbi is doing well in transition. Ilana is getting bigger quicker. Very happy about that. Been topping off water often lately. Lots of pruning.


Looks wonderful


Abbi!!! Boom! Growing like no one’s business. Almost done with week 1 of transition.

Ilana continues the turnaround everyone is talking about. She is growing leaps and bounds. Without a doubt I will start transition when this extra week of late vegetation is over in 2 days. It should be clearly past the second fan by then. I’ve been starting to place a magnet above the highest point of the plant to track its progress more easily. Abbi’s completely disappeared in just two days and it’s in transition. It makes me confident Ilana will keep stretching during transition, too.


Great work! They’ll both stretch at least 6” during transition, non Grobo growers refer to this period of growth as the “stretch”


Abbi shocked me with her height growth. This thing is growing so fast! Reminds me of my own meteoric rise to fame in The world of Lucha Libre.

Ilana starts transition soon. I think she is ready. Still shorter than Abbi but catching up. Today I pruned a LOT off of Ilana. I’m hoping that helps.


Any footage from your Lucha Libre days?

Abbi and Llana blow me away every post!

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I’m basically the Pete Rose of Lucha. But I was FRAMED! María’s primo, Pepe, betrayed me. It’s a long and sordid tale. One for another day. Maybe mañana, hermano.

A freebie of Abbi from bird’s eye perspective.


Gracias! Un cuento my interesante :grin: gracias por compartiendo!

I can’t wait until your chicas begin to flower :star_struck:


Day 54

Ilana - Transition Day 2/14

Abbi - Transition Day 9/14

Both are looking great.


Day 55

Ilana - Day 3/14 transition

Abbi - Day 10/14

Now I’m worried Abbi will get too close to the lights. Started trying to do some more training on my stems to make them not as tall. Also pruned both plants quite a bit and added water.