First Grow - Royal Queen Seeds - Special Queen #1 - Photo - Day 51

RQS - Special Queen #1

Extended Germination by a few days, and also late veg, am day 51 total and transition day 10/14…

Haven’t topped at all, but did a lot of tucking and heavy pruning throughout. Not sure what’s happened but there isn’t really a main stem, the back of the plant seems to have gotten a lot taller - perhaps because I haven’t trimmed as throughly back there as it’s difficult to get to. Have been using good ole tap water from the south east of England, am on my second bottle of number 2, number 1 is pretty much full. Next grow I think I’ll adjust the water prior to adding it.

I stupidly did a lot of heavy pruning yesterday while still in transition… hopefully won’t have hurt her too much… anyone have any tips for me and should I prune again any time soon or just let her grow.

Thanks, and happy growing!


I think air flow may be adding to the problem. The branches at the back are getting the benefit of the fan and getting good circulation. Your trims don’t look heavy to me at all. You can trim up to 1/3 of the plant at any given time, just give the plant a few days to recover before doing it again. I know they say to not trim in transition and flower but most growers that I watch ALL do. Removing fan leaves at the top that are blocking light from bud sites and fan leaves that are at the bottom not seeing any light also need to be removed. Do your trimming in stages so not to shock the plant.


That’s a good point, it probably is the air flow!

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Great choice
This was my first strain to harvest and it was primo for sure.


Day 66, Day 11 of flower


Harvest day Friday I think, had some issues as I’m using tap water but for a first grow has turned out alright I think…can’t ‘weight’ for the weigh in!


Great job!


Quick wet trim, didn’t weigh yet, hoping I at least get an oz, but was a fairly quick grow looking at some of them on here, might go for longer in veg next run do some fancy lst


Pre harvest


Congrats! some good looking buds there!



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