First grow - Input very welcome

When I go into flush…should I do a water change right away with the nitrients out…or just do water change on normal schedule?

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Once your your unit is in flush, you can do a water change, no need to pull the bottles out but you can if you want.


Day 2/10 Flush. Getting some burning and discoloration on some leaves. Hopefully it’s not a big issue and she can hold out for 8 more days!!!


Looks great brother. The leaves will be cannibalized as it pulls the food out of the leaves they will naturally discolor. Looks great man. I’ll be looking for my invite when cure is done. AND HOW BOUT THEM RAIDERS

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Tomorrow is the day ladies and gentleman. The suspense is killing me.


Any tips on temp and humidity levels during the drying stage? Not certain if I should up the temp at all. Rather steady at 74 degrees and 40% with the lights on. Look forward to posting some pics of buds hanging later today.

Going to be making a lot of edibles with the large amount of scraps. Can’t wait to weigh it after drying and taste it of course. And my lights aren’t on right now? I would have thought the dry mode was lights 24/7. Any advice on temp and humidity during dry mode would be great.



Thank you as always

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How much did ya get after dry? Looks nice.

23g. Buds lost a lot of weight and density in drying. Possibly dried too long. Already packed with a boveda pack. Hopefully the curing will help them out. Looking forward to tasting them. Ready for round 2…hopefully with some improvement with what I’ve learned. Couldn’t have done it without all of the help from numerous people.

Thank you @wake @Gunk @SilverGrobo @Bplatinum9 @TheDogMan @STANK @FireGuy @Hayden_Gregory @DRaider @Choppo0816


Looks nice and OK amount. I am on my first and hope it comes out too. I leave them in a cVault with Boveda packs about a month before smoking any.

Keep in mind, you can infuse and make edibles with the smalls and all the extras.


Nice. I’m just starting to flower. :+1:t2::sunglasses:


I Bettis it’s tastey. Looks good brother. I’m about a week out till flush on my green crack.


Drying the full five days is very necessary and always shrinks your buds!
Best to try and get your buds as bulked up as you can before drying!
Have you tried bud candy to see if it makes a difference? You’d have to run the same strain to compare but its an option whenever you do! :eyes::seedling:

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Thanks B. I did use bud candy until last week. Transitioned to flush last night and I have a cannatrol for drying/curing and storing.

just completed a side by side grow with one grow using bud candy and one did not. the results are that i will be using bud candy on all grows moving forward due to the increased bud quality. the sugar helped big time


I am trying Bud Candy and Big Bud right now.


Thank you for this post! This gives new entry for growers to share their experience to help newbies.


Very interesting . I will be dropping numero dos this weekend. Will definitely use bud candy for this one. Thanks again for all of the tips and advice. @STANK keep us updated on that crack!

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Chopping her Sunday.