First grow in Nefertiti/Grobo (Chocolope-Sativa)

Okay, so what does everyone use to cover the fan holes from getting light in the box?

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The light only matters in flower, and from everything I’ve read, it’s not enough to affect the plant.


Okay cool!

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Shes aliveeeee! Keep us updated :slight_smile:



I think I may have stunted my little lady!!! First I came home and my water temps was 78 :cry: and my little lady doesn’t look like she has grown at all the past three days. I know I should work on more patience and I’m getting a heavy lesson of it growing my little lady. I just want to know If I’m just over thinking and being impatient. It’s 10/10 germination. I had to take some of my coco pod off because it began to fall off from the surgery I had to do to save her. What do everyone thinks?




The root that’s barely coming out for three days!!!

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I don’t want to alarm you, and sincerely hope that I’m wrong – but noticed that your cocopod seems to have some white slime beginning to appear on the bottom. The good news, in this case, is that it’s been noticed so quickly (good eye noticing she slowed down).

The #1 thing you need to do is try to keep water temps down, and to start using hydroguard or something to protect the roots in case it does get warm. It’d also be good in this case to try to rid the cocopod of any infection, probably by using h2o2.

Also, cleaning the reservoir (with vinegar) to disinfect wouldn’t be a bad idea – I do think this should be recommended for all new units prior to use. It’s not been stated whether or not they are certified to be “clean” from the factory or if they should be cleaned before first use (similar to calibration). I wash new clothes before I wear them, and run new dishes through the dishwasher before eating off of them – so this might not be any different than that.

According to @Stephen, a white slime growing on the bottom of the cocopod is:

If this is the case, then this is what it will grow into if you do not deal with it ASAP:

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So, you suggest to do a full sanitizing of the unit and add new water? I have been using 8ml of hydroguard. After I get home today I’ll do a complete cleaning and give her fresh water. Right now I’ll just make sure the reservoir stays at a 68 for the day.

It’s ultimately your call as to how extreme to get - but I’d definitely want to stop that white goo from growing before it gets bad.

I’d probably do something like this, to begin with:

  • get a bucket or pan/pot or even a small cup of some sort, big enough to put the whole reservoir lid onto and hold some fluid
  • mix distilled/RO water and h2o2 in the container
  • use that container to clean off the bottom of the pod, the h2o2 should kill that stuff off
    • I’d just let the bottom portion of pod dip in the solution and soak for 5-10 mins to do this
    • If you had roots, with the white or brown goo on them, you’d also be wiping it off of them into the water/container
  • while that’s soaking I’d give the reservoir a quick rinse out with vinegar+water to be on the safe side
    • the main thing to “get right” during this process is to get all the water out of the unit that is currently in there; consider it to be “infected” water
    • once all of the water is out, a quick sterilize with vinegar+water should help. remember to rinse it out with water after that once or twice, and unplug all nutrient+ph bottles when cleaning before adding anything other than water to the reservoir. I usually clean/rinse with tap water, doesn’t necessarily need to be distilled/RO
  • then put it all back together, re-fill as usual and just use more hydroguard, about 2x as much as you have been

It also might not hurt to put a mL of hydroguard into some distilled/RO water and similar to the h2o2 let the bottom of the pod get soaked in it. I’d try that after the h2o2, probably rinsing with water between to make sure any remaining h2o2 doesn’t hurt the hydroguard. The reason to do this is to get some of the beneficial stuff into the pod immediately without waiting for the splashes from the reservoir to do it.


The other thing to mention is that if it’s not drinking through the roots she can still take in moisture through leaves. Increasing humidity can help her through any struggles down below, whereas if it’s dry it only makes it harder.


Really good eye @vegetato … and great response for the solutions he can take as well.

@Mookie it’s gonna be okay! You got this! She might not have grown a lot up top but I think mine was kinda similar, she didn’t do too much for a couple of days until I noticed root down towards the water. Plus, if you look closely at your plant there are 2 new leaves forming the opposite way of your first two… so she’s growin :slight_smile: Not a lot, but you can definitely see a change from monday until today.


I’m on an Island right now and can’t find any h2o2 no where due to covid. Is there any other solution I can use or could just Hydroguard work? I can order on amazon but that takes awhile and I would like to act fast. Thank you for your fast response.

Awesome! I’ll do the solution @vegetato suggested and see if that helps with faster grow as well. Thank you as well for your help.

If your tap water has some chlorine in it that might be better than nothing, just rinse off the slime with that.


Another option is to use ZeroTol HC instead of hydroguard. It will kill both good and bad stuff, but it will keep your water clean and clear. Definitely start with @vegetato suggestion.


Good idea…

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Did a deep clean now I wait and see how well I did in the upcoming days. Thanks again everyone!!!


2/14 Early Veg

Update!!! Everyone we may have saved her or until the next situation occurs :joy: took me three hours to complete the cleaning/disinfecting but worth it!!! No sleep team :raised_hands:t4: She has her second leaves coming in but she is pretty small. I think she is resilient but has gone through a lot of stress from the start. I’ll keep reviving if I can complete my first grow with something in the end. Hope she stay :muscle:t4:!!!


Day 4/14 veg

I feel she is growing really slow and haven’t shown a full root just yet. Is this a problem or should I just give her more time?


She seems like she’s going a little slower than mine was… Here’s a pic of mine on 4/14 Early Veg: [quote=“pyromancy, post:42, topic:7686”]

image3024×4032 1.24 MB

I can’t say whether or not you’ll be having problems or if she is just a slow grower…Maybe someone else can chime in on this one…

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Did you complete your grow or start over?

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