First Grow - ILGM GrandDaddy Purple

Appears to be a Calcium deficiency which I’m willing to bet is due to a pH issue, do you happen to have a handheld pH probe to test your water? Did you calibrate your grobo pH probe prior to starting your grow?

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I do not but I just ordered one. I believe I did as that was in the instructions I followed them.

Did they add calibration to the instructions? Someone was just complaining that it wasn’t haha.

I’m trying to find them… maybe they didn’t. Should I do it a precautious anyways? Ph meter doesn’t show up until Saturday.

Well that be what the problem is haha. I’m trying to find where I put them. Is it possible to calibrate it during the grow?

Yes however you’ll need calibration solution to do so, do you have any on hand?

Bluelab pH 4.0 Calibration Solution 500 ml, pH 7.0 Calibration Solution 500 ml

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My apologies I posted back but apparently it didn’t go through. I got a ph tester and showed 6.09. The browning has stopped and I think it might have been because I didn’t swap water until 2-3 days after it asked me to. Here’s the latest pics after I pruned her. Thoughts?


Looks great, what day are you on overall and what stage/day are you on now?

Thanks! Day 34, late stage vegetation

Very nice job! :eyes::seedling:

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Perfect, when do you plan on switching to transition? This particular genetic does not stretch a ton, however I would recommend switching to transition soon, should land you around near perfect height.

I’ll need some guidance on that I thought the grobo did it auto with the recipe for this grow.

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Yes it does however these are loose guidelines and you must make changes based on your plants growth pattern. How many More days do you have left in late veg.?

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Says on day 10 of 14

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That’s perfect, it will shift in its own in a few days. The morning of the shift day, perform your first lollipop defoliation, then in about 3 weeks (when she stops stretching) perform your second lollipop defoliation as well as remove any large fan leaves that are blocking bud sites. You’re in great shape, looking forward to watching the remainder of your grow!

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Done! How’s she look?



Looks great!


Good work, she looks primed for flowering.

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She continues to grow HUGE. Just trimmed a bunch off again because she grew to touch the lights in a matter of days. Thoughts?