First Grow! - Gorilla Glue Auto by Growers Choice

I don’t know. Even with the accidental lose of one of the colas you still seem to have plenty going on and as far as the top goes, some super cropping will almost certainly be in your future but I don’t think I would walk away from the grow just yet.

If I have learned anything yet it’s that these are some of the most resilient plants I have ever encountered and can bounce back from some pretty serious stuff. And she is clearly a strong healthy plant.

If it were me? I’d push on forward…



Thank you! It kills me to be copying off buds, but, it’s so tall they are burning anyway.

Perhaps another suggestion.

Rather than toss it out and start a new one, should you choose that route. Why not remove half of all the branches on the plant completing exposing any leftover bud sites to light. She might need an extra 7-10 days recovering, but if you catch it early enough in flower it might help.

On a side note @420Bandit I have just finished some Gorilla Glue flowers myself (not autos) and they were extremely finicky plants. Some plants do get labeled high maintenance or skill level.


Good suggestions. I’ll let it recover from the latest pruning and mishap and see what it looks like.

I thought about moving it to my tent, but, I’ve not yet done a tent grow and prob not a good idea to go from hydro to soil during flowering.

Worse case scenario, I take a clone and do a new grow with it in the tent.

I have Sweet Zenzation going on the Grobo Start and it it pretty mature. I planned to move it to soil/tent this weekend, but, could move to the Grobo instead.

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I would :100: agree you shouldn’t do that.


Grow day 74, flower day 34. Trimmed quite a few dying or burned fan leaves today and did a weekly water change. I also tried pulling the taller colas to the side to help prevent burn from the light. It seems height growth has finally slowed, thankfully.

Leaves are looking a little droopy, but, maybe that is from the trimming. Hopefully I didn’t take too much off.


Grow day 75, flower day 37.

This plant is extremely tall and most of the buds are at the top. Many have burned and I had to trim them off.

At this point, I am really wondering if I’ll get anything worth smoking from this plant. Does anyone have an opinion?

I’m fine cutting my loss and ending the grow now; I’m considering my first grows as learning experiences.

The last photo here is of my 2 other plants that I’m going outside (may move them into a tent).

I love the Grobo concept, but, one needs to choose strains wisely given the small space.

Thank you all for the ongoing advice! @Todd.grobo or @Stephen, what do you think?


Very personal decision for everyone

My rule of thumb has to do with experience
If ive never made it to harvest i want to see what it looks like along the way. Id keep it and learn from my photos

She could still produce an oz or 2. At the learning stage i always considered that fait trade off.

Where I am at now in my grows i would finish it out. Made it this far mise well get something for the effort put in.

All about trade off i guess.


Thank you. I’ve made it this far, so I agree, the experience will be good even of the product is not.


If its not smokeable stuff, search for @Bplatinum9 threads about recipes. Start low and see how it feels. I have a higher tolerance and require a lot of them to get the effect i want, that might just be a secret excuse to eat chocolate though. I’ll never tell. But they do work and its a great low dose way to find where your comfortable at

There are many additional health benefits to eating cannabis asides from the obvious, which is why its always smart to start slow


I do enjoy edibles from time to time; but I agree, it isn’t the same as dry vaping it. Making would be new for me and a good way to put what I end up getting to use. Thanks for the suggestions!

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Grow day 79, flower day 41.

Still very tall and I continue to prune leaves on occasion and try to move things away from the light as much as possible. Fortunately, height growth is much slower now.

We’ll see where this grow ends up. My expectations are low, but you never know, I could be surprised.


In future grows, you may consider a smaller branch structure / number. Like 4 to 6 colas vs the 12 plus. To ensure strong bud density they need a lot more light than shes getting now.


I agree. Need to do better research next time. I also plan to go photo instead of auto.


Thats great news. I think youll enjoy the process more on photoperiods. They do as commanded. Hehe


I ended up killing the grow off today. I made it to the end of the schedule, but, the plant was just too big. Buds were very poor quality, so, I ended up composting the plant. The unit is all sterilized and ready for my next grow. Gonna do better research and pick something that won’t outgrow the unit. I’m also going with photo instead of auto so I have more control. My two outdoor plants are doing well and have begun to flower, so, I’ll at least have something to harvest in a couple months.

I sincerely appreciate the help with my first grow. Even though I didn’t get a final product, it was a good experience - and a good learning experience!


All I will say, that’s an awesome attitude to have! We all make mistakes. We all learn from those mistakes. We share us much as we can with everyone to help them not to make as many mistakes as we make!

I am happy to hear your growing photoperiod @420Bandit , let me know when its up and running with some leaves, I would like to keep an eye on it throughout your grow and help you get a harvest under your belt!


I appreciate it @Todd.grobo. I think I’ll start with something easier like Barney’s Farm Shiskaberry. I am out of town next week, so, will probably start it the week of September 6th. I plan to use the Grobo Start then transfer to the Grobo.

I’ve attached a couple photos of my two outdoor grows, both are Sweet Senzation by Sweet Seeds. I started these in the Grobo Start originally (along with a sunflower, LOL) and the little one nearly died twice as it kept pushing itself out of the coco pod. Other than watering them, I’ve just let them “do their thing” to see what happens.



So Jellious :roll_eyes:!:flushed:!:exploding_head:!:uk:!:wink:!!..

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I wanted to share a few pictures of my Gorilla Glue #4 Auto at the same stage as your grow. I’m on day 66 of the grow and day 27/70 of the flowering stage. This is my second grow in the grobo, first auto flower. The only issues are from the start the plant has shown a deficiency cal/mag, I’m not an experienced grower but the leaves have shown rust-looking spots on them. Any recommendations would be appreciated.