First clean

Hi All :wink:

I brought this as a substitute for White Wine Vinegar as a cleaner & wondering if I should still dilute as its only 5% :thinking:??

Ended up going with 50/50 to play safe :slightly_smiling_face:

All Squeaky :wink:
Seeded (Gelat.OG Feminized):wink: Growing as Hybrid as advised :wink:
& Shes Off :wink:

NOW PLEASE :pray:!!..BE A GOOD GIRL :rofl:!!


Good luck!


What make ya think i live alone :flushed:!:roll_eyes:!:flushed:!:rofl:!..

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Am I also right in thinking that Hydroguard is added only when roots start showing or when Tap has touched down :thinking:??


Gmann, you got this ! Don’t worry! Lot of people here on these forums have had unsuccessful first grows, you are NOT alone!

Gelat.OG seems like a reallllly nice strain choice! Good luck

I bet one thing… you’ll be watching your stalk like a hawk now, if we had caught the damping a little sooner we might have been able to ameliorate the situation for you a good bit.


Add it now, and keep using it throughout the grow. Even if your water temps are fine, it’s still good to have a strong built up colony inside your DWC… strength in numbers.

Hydroguard is Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens:

Let those suckers go beast mode!

Also, yea, I remembered after my post you had the first seed failure… but, again, there are users on here that have had multiple failed grows before their first success… even the Champions!



Cheers m8 :wink:

I just didn’t know a thing about Dampening :roll_eyes:

I Do Now :wink:!!



Yep… you will be all the better for it. Thus is life. Learning from mistakes. It’s sad and unfortunate, but patience is a virtue as you know! I think you’re gonna nail it.

My first grow was about Day 60 and I terminated it…


Cheers pal :relaxed:

Adding 7ml Hydroguard now :wink:


First Grobi Water Notification :wink:

Then she days im Full :roll_eyes:!

Wish it was Direct Level Monitoring :thinking:?? but better than nothing i suppose :wink:

Nothin showing either :slightly_frowning_face:!:slightly_frowning_face:!:slightly_frowning_face:!:slightly_frowning_face:!..she’s had 4 whole days :wink:!! Lol…

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