Fans stopped working! Need fix ASAP {RESOLVED]

Hi @OGJ, @Chris, @Stephen

Bit of a problem, my fans stopped working on my unit, just noticed it now so I’m not sure how long it’s been off. Any chance you can take a look into this for me? Not sure how much affect this will have on my plant, but with only 29 days from harvest I do not want to run the risk of any unwanted stress to the plant.

Thank you guys!


Are there any updates as to if and when the application will be able to send push notification to us when malfunctioning occurs with the unit? There’s gotta be some tighter communication between this application and the unit itself to the user. Thankfully, my OCD and constantly checking on the plant allows me to stay on top of this, but not all users want to do that.

I know you guys are busting your asses, I just want to be able to have some better communication with my Grobo. So please by all means make it perfect so it works upon release, I’m just continuously praying that day is soon!


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Hey @Rich

Not sure if the Grobo team will see this prior to Monday. I don’t have my Grobo so I can’t offer you any suggestions beyond rebooting the Grobo and seeing if the fans come on.

In my growing experiences fans are used to circulate and bring fresh air in. In my case I also had exhaust fans to suck out the hot air created by 1000w high pressure halide and sodium bulbs for bloom.

I wouldn’t worry to much about the fans not running while the lights are off. If It gets to warm in there I would suggest opening the Grobo door and aim a desktop fan in the box replacing old stale air and cooling it off. Close the door and repeat as neccessary until the team can address your fan situation.

Moral of the story is a couple of days of no fan circulation shouldn’t harm the plants if you can keep it from getting too too hot in there. Don’t worry to much they are resilient.


I appreciate the education! This is my first grow and I’m a noob through and through! So my fears are heighten when it comes to my plant, it’s essentially being treated as my first child until we have a real child. Lmao.

However, thanks to my curiosity I immediately rebooted the unit and boom, the fans were working again! I’ll monitor it like I always do, but we’ll see how the h it responds in the morning with the reservoir change.

@OGJ @Chris @Stephen the fans did come back on after reboot, but can hear a slight noise coming from one fan (I believe it’s the bottom) so if you can see anything from your end let me know!

Thank you guys!


Hi Rich,

That’s good to hear. If it does happen again please reach out the same way you did and we’ll look into it :+1:

For reference, it was your intake fans, correct? Both of them, or just one of them?