Fan Control

im upset i have to purchase outside products for this thing after spending 2k on it…that is not right!! temps are in the 90’s in seedling stage…i have to keep door open for ideal temps and humidity…i wish there was a way to turn on fans or something…90 is fine for my seedling but more worried as it gets warmer here in nj…you guys using anything to cool down box?

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Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the beast. Invest in a dehumidifier/air conditioning unit, or find a cooler place in your house to place the unit. Part is the game my friend


yup next drain will move closer to balcony window

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Check my cooling system post Reb. I’m in a very warm climate. Had to/wanted to (I like going overboard af) take every measure to cool down my unit. Other than the water chiller everything was inexpensive, and the work, simple.

dont know how to find shit on here lol

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Got you :joy:.

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Ahaha this is dope,man your really good w ya hands…you could have just built a grobo lol…good shit though


Haha thanks Reb, ain’t shit to do, might as well overhaul an already bad ass grow box. I’m sure I’ll put something together down the road. For now I’m gonna master this.