Extra nutrients to add

Good evening … I’m trying to buy extra nutrients for my grobo. What would be the best nutrients I could add for a better and fatter yield


I’d recommend recharge through all stages of your grow. Use it in both flower and veg w great results


I would consider Bud Candy

Feed Sugars, Aminos And Vitamins To Your Plants And Taste Their Sweeter, Bigger Buds



Would you use bud candy and big bud both added to the reg grobo regimen?


I use Bud Candy with Big Bud and Overdrive and will be using Flawless finish in a week to flush. I also use Hydroguard and Great White (tho I’ll be switching to Orca) for beneficial bacteria and have used Hydrozyme for enzymes. Just make sure that the PPM’s don’t get out of control - the more products you add, the higher your PPM’s will rise. I’ve noticed that the Grobo naturally keeps PPM"s right in the sweet spot, so start slow and see how she responds before going all in. My $.02


I agree with @Centervillain you can use Big Bud and overdrive but you have to watch your EC. If you added at full strength I believe you will be over feeding…

If it was me I think I would just use Bud Candy… I don’t think you will gain much or any extra size using Big bud and overdrive. Reason being your limited to Grobos LED strength which is believe is only 150 watts


I’ve been looking at Recharge for a while now. I a fan of the DGC and one of the dude’s there is the owner and he talks about the product all the time but never about how it interacts in a DWC system - as he’s pretty down on hydro (specifically DWC) vs soil and only talks about his product in relation to soil grows.

How does she play with the Grobo? Have you noticed any residual matter in the reservoir after prolonged use?


Definitely residual fungal growth all over the reservoir. In my opinion, I’d rather the growth than anything overtaking my roots in the water.
With that said, when I do not fill the res with recharge’d water, I notice that the fungal growth lessens over time, then comes back when I fill the res with recharge again.

In my opinion it’s a really manageable way to assist your plant’s growth besides additional nutrient additives and mycorrhiza. Visual root and plant growth in 24hrs!


What’s the best place to purchase the extra nutrients from if you don’t mind me asking

This is why I come here. A lot of knowledge to learn and keep learning every day

Also when would be the best time to add the big bud nutrient

Start week 2 of flower. Switch to Overdrive about week 5. You can use Bud Candy all the way until flush. Again, be careful. I’d start at about 1/4 suggested strength and go from there.


So start with bud candy 2 weeks in too flower and 3 weeks after that add over drive with bud candy and add nutrients after each drain and fill correct

I just don’t want to mess it up you know still new to all this :grin:

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I would really suggest that you don’t add anything on your first run. I’d let the Grobo do it’s own thing. You’re going to be learning so much about PPM/EC how that relates with light strength/temperature/Co2 levels, etc. I suggest that you get all of that dialed in before attempting to accessorize.

That said, here’s the Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule: https://www.advancednutrients.com/nutrient-calculator/

You can use Bud Candy in conjunction with Big Bud and Overdrive, but don’t use Big Bud and Overdrive together. They’re for different stages of the flowering stage.

The Grobo reservoir is about 2 1/2 gallons filled.


This will be my second run… just trying new things go big or go home I always say…


I agree I wouldn’t add overdrive / big bud.

There is also a saying “less is more”


This is true patients is a virtue can go to fast either

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