Extend or not to extend

A complete learning process so far with no real complaints or real setbacks. But I am wondering should I extend this Do si dos strain for another week or 2 I’m getting light cloudy trichomes with majority of them being clear?

Also should I have cleaned her up more then this? Via that was the one step I was completely :fearful: of :laughing:. Or is it to late? She’s Day 26 out of 38 left in flowering


Looks Great So Far…

Does Look Like It Should Fatten Up In The Next Few Weeks If You Give Her The Time.

I Would Give Her A Slight Trim…
You Can Take Some Of The Bottom Branches Off To Allow The Rest To Absorb That Energy And Thicken.
Exposing The Center Of The Plant A Bit Would Be Ideal For Airflow.
I Would Also Be Aware That Cutting Too Much At Once, Can REVERT You Back To Veg. So, Nice And Easy… You Should Be Able To Take 2-4ish Fan Leaves A Day Safely.


I would extend until cloudy trichomes!
Another thing I noticed is that your bud sites are not fully formed so it could be a minute before you should worry about moving forward, let your buds meet and thicken.

Good idea to defoiliate so your buds can benefit from the light! Leave at least two leaves on the top of each stem and she should be fine! Or check out nebulas defoliation stages…


Thanks for the insight

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Thanks for the insight. Via I’m a Noob to this I was kinda of :thinking: tha same thing about the sites not being fully formed and needing more time.


Post again if your not sure! We will do our best to help! :eyes::seedling:



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Day 35/38 Flower. Just an update I’m going to check the tricomes here in a second. Along with extending a week or 2 via I just feel she needs it?