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I had to take the scrogg off to defoiliate, so many yellow leaves it took two hours.
I may not be able to scrogg in my space if I want to defoiliate, either or!


@Bplatinum9, would elevating your reservoir and adding more water into the bucket help?


Yes that would help but I have a idea to try first if you haven’t

Looking at your setup compared to mine.

  1. I’m pumping at least double the distance
  2. I installed a check valve after my pump (reduces flow by nature of it)
  3. I have 4 90 degree eblow’s in my system (reduces flow by nature of it)
  4. I have 4 drip lines running (reduces flow by nature of it)

Based on this information that pump should work fine…

I have a few different ideas on mind to try but let’s start here

I’m thinking maybe you have a bad pump since you have 2 of the same pumps have you turned swapping them? The recir because your feed pump… Feed pump change to recir

This is a test that cost you no $$$ to try…

Let me know I have a couple other idea’s also… The only time I have a problem with the pump not pumping is right after I make new nutes… (pump cavitating until it gets prime then it’s all good)


What stage are the girls in?? Looks like stretch has started but I can’t see buds from the pictures


I’m in flower stage but it doesn’t seem to be too noticeable, started on the 30th nov.
Ok let’s start there! I dont think my legs will let me do another flight of stairs today, so tomorrow I’m gonna trade the pump I just bought to rid a bucket of dehumidifier water.
Its a stronger pump too. After I switch I’ll let you know if I can see a difference sowe can check this tip off the list! :eyes::handshake::seedling::100:
P.s. I tend to feed when I do a drain and fill because I know they haven’t gotten much water. I figure that is prime enough, what do you think?


Thanks Vic, I have tried both of those and raising the reservoir makes it worse, and it works the same with a full bucket. :eyes::seedling:


Your on track then it was about 10 days before I seen anything

Understand I think it’s a good place to start

What is your complete light and water schedule… I trying to get a whole picture of what your doing to see if I find a missing link somewhere

From all my testing I have done you must keep the height of your water in res below the height of your bubblier… Actually the next thing we may try is to put a pin hole in your feed line at the top of your res about here just make sure when the pump runs the nutes flow back into the res out the pin hole…

Ps small pin hole nothing big you just want to break air lock.

But like I said I would switch pumps first. We will figure this out


And if we can’t get it going I will just have to send you this instead :blush:

Last Day of week 5 of Flower


:eyes::eye::bomb: Nice!!! Awesome Sauce!!! :trophy:
Maybe I need to raise my bubbler :bulb: it is kinda low,


If your nute water max height is the same or higher than your bubbler than yes raise it. If it isn’t I wouldn’t waste your time


So I cleaned and switched out the pumps.
Repositioned the black feed hose.
Refilled the reservoir.
But I got to thinking, I know my veg feed times are in the pm and all my flower feed times say am.
Maybe that’s why I couldn’t tell that they had eaten, and maybe that’s why the first harvest seemed to dry out before it finished, not getting any water during lights on in flower stage.
Tomorrow I will change my timer or replace it.


Really!! Are you saying you have been watering at night only during flower?

If that is correct then that’s a big problem. You don’t want your coco wet at night time.

Here is a complete guide to follow on watering with Floraflex Coco pots

Watering Schedule :sweat_drops: reference chat.

Week 1 veg - Expand cubes with low strength nutrient feeding and max recommended strength cal/mag.

Let the pots dry to about 20% of the volume and then water again until runoff(2-5%). The first watering after expanding the cubes will typically take 5-7 days depending on temp and humidity in the tent. Higher temps will make the pots dry out faster.

Until the roots have begin to fill in the pots you will want to continue to let the coco dry down to around 20% between waterings. Typically every other day at this point.

Once you have established a solid root system you will want to be frequently watering while the lights are on 300-500ml shots. This can range from 4-10 times per day. It is very important that you do not let the plants dry out too much while the lights are on at this stage and increase number of waterings as needed.

Begin waterings 2 hours after the lights come on and stop 2 hours before the lights cut off.

A typical watering schedule might look like:

Watering 1 - 2 hours after lights come on
Watering 2 - 3 hours after lights come on
Watering 3 - 4 hours after lights come on
Watering 4 - 6 hours after lights come on(should see little run off at this point)
Watering 5 - 8 hours after lights come on(should see a little more run off at this point.)

Environment and strain grow will play huge factors in actual times the plants need to be watered.


Yep, talking things out with you I have figured out my biggest mistake, setting timer wrong! Go figure!
It only took two grows :crazy_face:


Honestly I didn’t even think about that I just figured you were watering with the lights on…

Either way I’m happy you figured it out :+1: Fixing this problem will definitely help your girls out big time…

If you want to review/opinion on how your going to set your water timer let me know


Thanks grow buddy!!! Couldn’t have figured it out without you!!! :eyes::seedling:


Are you watering for two or three minutes?

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How many times do you plan on watering? Make sure you start 1 to 2 hours after lights are on.

And stop 1 to 2 hours before lights turn off

I’m watering 2.5 min’s but a couple things to note

I’m not using the flow disks but I am using inline ball valve on my dripers so I can control how much water per plant… This is nice because small plants you can give less water and bigger ones more water…

Since you can’t water per second I think I would go 2 min’s with no flow disk that maybe more leach than you want but 1 mins maybe short a bit.


I’m on one minute right now because two minutes seemed to go through my bucket of water way too quick, and produced too much leach water, even though I’m using my disk.
I start water one hour before lights and one hour before lights off.
Six water feeds between 11:00am - 11:00pm

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I thought 2 mins would give you more leach than you wanted (which really isn’t a bad thing for the plants, I know it’s a pain for you tho). I was just worried 1 minute wasn’t enough.

I’m not sure if this is typo but I recommend you start at minimum 1 hour after lights are on. What I would do is lets says mid day you have a water timer set for 3:00 pm. Be there at 2:59 and watch to see how much leach your getting mid day… This will tell you if you need to add or remove more water cycles/ adjust time


Typo for sure! Yep that’s the plan! :eyes::seedling: