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Damn so close!! :slight_smile: Getting there! Been a long road for these girls

By the way how are you posting pics side by side? :stuck_out_tongue: Just now realized that


On the preview pane we can change to 50% 75% 100%:

I just make them 50% and then 2 fit side by side. I’ve manually changed that to 33% in some cases to get them to show up in 3’s.

Then it’s just a matter of (removing or adjusting) the spacing between them to get them on same line or not.


Cool… good to know.


The animated gif got converted to a jpg by the forum. :cry: The pic that did come through looks nice, though! Lots of bud sites and looks healthy. How many plants do you have in there?

I wouldn’t suggest trimming yours as much as I did on my larger one, by the way. That was a bit of an experiment and I figured it would be a touch too much but wanted to see how it pulled through; in the past I’ve had some strains go into overdrive when stressed that much and others have just given up on life. The smaller one could’ve used more defoliation down below, there’s going to be a good deal of larf down there.

Next run of this strain I’ll be using more bio additives to (hopefully) get bigger, smellier buds.

Welcome to the forum, too. Please do post about your grows, I’m curious to see how it progresses. :green_heart:


Hey thanks for the response!
I have 2 plants in there and its a bit crammed at the moment. Learning that the space of my 2x2x5 tent is more ideal for 1 healthy plant of this size. Definitely should have flowered a bit sooner too. This strain has stretched some cola sites within 5 inches of the light, with no more room to raise it. lol. Being my first indoor grow, I’m taking it all as a learning experience.

As for trimming. I’m still a nervous noob about getting too aggressive with defoliating. I see photos like yours and hope to get to that confidence eventually. I’ve been lightly trimming once a week to keep the jungle less dense as I’m worried about suffocation. I tried to super-crop a branch and immediately apologized to her and aborted. There is quite a few off-shoots on these, some I’ve removed and some have reached canopy level that I’m keeping around. I’m okay with a bit of larf on my first attempt.

Your flower is looking great on recent photos. I’m very curious how it’s going to smoke in the end. I’m noticing a significant amount of trichrome development on surrounding sugar leaves already on one of mine. The smell is mild at best right now. My fiance says it smells like rhubarb every time I open the tent. Very light compared to the outdoor gorilla glue I grew this season, which stank up the neighborhood.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I built myself an app to track this grow journey and at some point I’ll export all the data/graphs/photos/logs into a nice timeline that I can share my experience with others in a post as you have.

Looking forward to seeing your grow progress to harvest. Cheers!


Hello again. Quick question.

Have you had any signs of one going hermie yet? I’m gutted to report that I believe one of mine has. I’m going to blame it on light stress as this is the one that grew within inches of the light. With how tight this small tent is and it’s airflow, there is no doubt if true that it’s already pollinated some of the other plant. I’m giving it a day with close watch to confirm before I remove it. However it’s showing signs with weird lower growth and like they’ve already done the deed. Some calyx look way too happy for week 4 flower.

Gutted. But hopeful the first and better trichrome producing plant isn’t completely doomed to be nothing but seeds. lol.



I haven’t had a hermie, but it looks like you definitely have one unfortunately.


There is this guide online on how to deal with hermies:

Is my plant a hermie? She's growing flowers, but also balls.... Can I still harvest her buds? | Grow Weed Easy.


No herms here, thankfully!

If it’s just the one it probably was stress induced, though I’d still double-check for light leaks too.


DAY 120: Flush (Day 5 /10)

Moved plant #1 into flush, it seems to be finishing a bit sooner than the other. The current plan is to keep it in flush for 15-20 days then harvest.

DAY 120: Flower (Day 61 /67)

This one is probably going to stay in flower for another week or few before moving to flush.

Extra: Glue Gelato auto (Day 52)

She’s filling out fast with lots of bud sites.


Stem and roots looks happy. Keep up the good work!


Are you still removing leaves for plant #2 at this stage of your grow?


So far no more leaves have been taken but I’ve been considering opening up the middle a bit to get some light to the bottom before wrapping up.


I might do the same as I’m seeing a huge differences in my top and bottom bud sites.


DAY 130: Flush (Day 15/17)

She’s got a strong scent of a gassy kush, I just can’t wait for this one to be ready! Today is the first day of her 48 hours of darkness before the chop.

DAY 130: Flower (Day 71/74)

This one is getting frosty and still seems to be bulking up. I’m inclined to extend one more week but am tempted to just throw it into flush.

DAY 62: Glue Gelato Auto

She’s just racing along! This one usually yields quite a bit and there are quite a few bud sites developing.


Leave them in flower! Let them bulk no reason not to, right?


In 20 days it’ll have been 5 months since I planted these two! Just being a bit impatient with them.


You Got One Wrappin Up, Might As Well Let The Other One Work While You Cut The First. Just My Opinion.


Your buds look beautiful man. Here’s a couple pics of plant #1 of mine (the one that had the early explosion of tricromes). I’m pretty stoked and looking forward to finishing it. This is 6.3 weeks into flower. Lots of citrus tones coming out now. It’s lovely.
As for plant 2, I’ve taken the advice to push on and mitigate the hermie-ing as much as possible and so far I think with great results. There were a few sacs for a week or so, but after tying some colas away from the light a bit, I think it’s less stressed. Haven’t seen new sacs, but she seems a bit behind maturing as a result.


Lookin sick @vegetato that tent plant is gonna be a friggin beast my man! She’s budding up fast like an auto should… looks like some potential thick colas too :slight_smile:

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