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This is a noob question :grinning: as my first grow, but when do you decide the “final weight”? I know some weigh it when first cutting it down and other things like that. I was curious if you should take the “final” weight, after a month of curing and it’s ready to use???

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This is an interesting question. “Wet” weight is the most inaccurate but a lot of people like it as it’s a much higher weight than dry or cured. Personally, I’d go with cured weight as it’s the “final” product. If over dried, some moisture weight will come back so I think cured is the best.


Good question I weighed mine after drying mode
I have not weighed after curing I would think there is going to be some loss.
This is my first successful grow first time was a failure at 28 grams. The most accurate would be after curing i would think. I have a program called HiGrade that tells me thc an it was 22% ± 3% so i keel taps on potency during curing it only works on dried bud. Thu algorithms an pictures sent in of trichomes Hope that helps


Correct time to weigh is after its dried. So usually 10 days after cutting it down.