Early vegetation King’s Kush Auto (generic grow)

It is my first grow, day 20 - 10th on early vegetation, and I’m a bit lost here.
My plant seems to be getting wither, and I have noticed a few brown spots on her.
Checked the Ph level, is current as 5,6 and 490 ppm. I’ve read some websites saying that ppm should be between 300-400 on this stage. I tried draining and filled the water tank, hoping that the level would reduce, but the ppm has increased to 1082.

Any idea what should I do to save her?


hey @Fmartinelli - She does look a little sad and droopy.

One thing to mention - The system recognizes when we do a drain & fill and will automatically dispense nutrients after the completion of a drain/fill. So it sounds like your unit was dosed again after the drain/fill hence the reason for the PPM spike. When was the last time she was drain/filled/dosed?

Is the air pump/stone working? From the pics it is hard to see any bubbles in your DWC tank. We should check for damping off - can you post pics of the main stem, especially where it goes into the cocopod?

Can you include a pic of the roots? And one last pic of all of the nute bottles to see how much has been dispensed?


Hi @miami5th! Thanks for the reply!

So, last water change was Saturday, as I drained and filled it today, new nutrients were introduced. I remove some of the water from the tank manually to try minimise the ppr spike!
First week I didnt have the proper water to use, so I’ve used tap water. However, from the second time onwards, I used deionised water (couldn’t find the RO water to buy in my country)

Air pump seems to be working fine. Im attaching more pics


Thank you for the follow-up pics!

If you want to decrease the strength of your nutrient mix you can remove water from the DWC tank but replace the same amount with distilled/RO water so it cuts the concentration of the nutes.

The plant is or was suffering from damping off. I’ve circled the area indicating damping off. It looks like it is healing and nearly recovered from it.

If you can, place a small fan pointed at the cocopod to help dry it out. You can also push up your cocopod 1-2 inches. Gently push the pod up from the bottom.

Also, I see water droplets on your plant and lid. We shouldn’t need to spray water or mist anything onto the plant. She should get all the water she needs via the roots.

More info on damping off found here:

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Thanks again for all the info, I’ve pushed the cocoa pod up, and I’ve purchased a fan on amazon. It’s going to take a few days to arrive though. Is there anything I could do to help the cocoa pod to dry out?
Reading your post about dumping, can I assume I should extend the early veg for another week?

About the water drops, I was worried about the humidity level. I won’t do it again! :slight_smile:
I hope I can save this little one!


Sounds good man! You can also take some paper towel and blot the cocopod with it so it draws up the water. Beyond that, just give her time and continue to focus on drying out the cocopod. Keep a close eye on the main stem and if she gets thinner or starts to lean you may want to prop her up with some green garden ties.

You should make it thru this alright. Keep us posted here!


I think she’s getting better! I’ve been using the fan for four days now and the pod is completely dry. She looks much happier. Let see how it goes from here.


Well done! Nice save @Fmartinelli


Day 39, first day on Flower


Nice recovery! You can remove a few big fan leaves in the center to open up the bud sites.


Hey @Aang, do you think it’s ok now?
Im worried to remove too much… only took 3 of the big ones in the middle.


She looks good to me, the top canopy is more opened now. Since she’s an auto I’d give her a few days to see how she responds to the trimming.


Hey guys, I’m having a space issue with my little one (not so little anymore).
I’m trying to push the pod down to gain a few inches, but it doesn’t go through the hole. Is it ok to remove some edges from it to push the plant down? I’ve used some garden tie to pull it off the light, but it’s getting complicated.

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  • (I Wouldn’t Disturb The Bottom -Because- Autos Might Be Bad For Her Stressing Out):


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I’m using magnets and some ties to prevent the buds from touching the lights!
If I still an issue, I’ll try the Pinch/Twist/Bend!

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