Dying? WHAT DO I DO?

Is it dying? What should I do? Trim yellowing leaves? Or is it a goner? What’s this illness called? When I found it today I sprayed it with water out of desperation. It first had its two longest leaves on the sides getting yellowish. Now A few days later it’s gotten tiny as if to wither away and side leaves that were yellowish have drooped.

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Try to upload the photo once more

Done :slight_smile:

Is your air stone producing bubbles, and how are the nutrient bottle levels? Did you see any drastic swings in dosing level?

many plants age, the lower leaves will turn yellow and drop off. This is simply a normal part of their growth.

Is that the tap root all dried out like that?

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Yes is that bad?

Oh that’s a relief

I wasted most of first two bottles on dud seeds already and I don’t know what an air stone is?


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(RootRot): (Damping-Off): (SoSorryForAllOfYourLosses): :sob::cry:


(the main culprit for damping-off is overwatered and poorly aerated growing mediums. That is why during the second week of growth, the Grobo only fills to the Low Fill line in order to fight against damping-off while still providing your cannabis moisture and nutrients by aerating the water.)

www.britannica.com /science/ damping-off

(There are two types of {damping-off}: [preemergence], in which sprouting seeds decay in soil and young seedlings rot before emergence; and [postemergence], in which newly emerged seedlings suddenly wilt, collapse, and die from a soft rot at the soil line. Woody seedlings wilt and wither but remain upright; root decay often follows.)**


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