Drying recipe - Hops?

Hey @Stephen any reason you can think of the cannabis drying cycle wouldn’t work for hops? I’ve got some vines I planted last year that are just starting to flower this year, and I’m thinking if it’s timed right, it would be so easy to dry them in the Grobo.


Hi rainstorm3,

What a great idea! How long do you traditionally dry your hops for? I’ll look into that for the next recipe update.


@Stephen I air dry or fan dry for 24-48 while checking in to make sure they don’t over-dry.
And some people use a dehydrator or oven for 6-10hrs ish?
Drying them too long can remove some of the lupulin off the hops so they just have to be watched.

I can definitely add a drying recipe, are you going to try and grow hops in your unit?



@Stephen that would be amazing!!!

But they are a vine and I can’t even imagine how it would fit into the box? Might be an interesting try though. It would need something like a clone recipe as starting them from seed is pretty hard so it would need to be from a rhizome when the plant is sprouting them out in the early spring.

I’d love to try.

I have a friend that was born in the same hospital, same day as I was. We met when we were 16 again and became friends. He’s since moved out to British Columbia and is growing hops. I may have to pick his brain a bit! Trying to start from seed is kind of tempting too…

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Sounds like a good connection! Let me know what he says :+1:

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Update…look who’s growing up!