Drying mode/ Harvest

@Uglyo217 the same thing happened to me. Cleared cache, tried diff browser etc. I put in a ticket, but after a couple hours it just started working. shrug

@GroboJason maybe something to look into if it’s happened to a few of us.


hi @rainstorm3 that is a great suggestion! I will pass along the feedback to the team so they can take it into account for future updates to the system


I wanted to know, when the grobo is in drying mode do it stop by itself on day 5 or do I have to stop it myself? My grobo is saying day 5 in the drying mode but its still going…

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It is your manual click to End Grow… If the Bud is a little crispy when slightly pinched, then she is done… :wink:


I had the same internal server error (500) when I put my harvest into drying mode. Cant access anything though, app or otherwise? shrugs Put in my ticket already.

Same issue, Error 500 or when on computer Error 404 webpage not found

Am waiting for response from support team but as of yesterday I just unplugged and had to
hang my grow in a closet. Can’t access app from phone or laptop. Nothing is working

Hi @Saint

I’ve seen the ticket, please plug the unit back in so we can dig and diagnose your issue. We will get you fixed up asap. @Hainesjr1, you too please.


I have plugged back in as of 4 pm cst, you confirmed it’s showing as being online in your email.
I still can’t access the app on my phone or computer without the before mentioned error messages.
My grobo interior light is fluctuating from a very muted red like a darkroom to complete dark or as
of now full white light like it was still growing. Remember I ended my grow on Sun., drained tank,
harvested and after cleaning everything attempted to enter drying mode. Not sure if that was even
accomplished because I can’t get to Mygrobo to see what is happening. Since I have been typing this it has gone through 2 of the above mentioned light cycles, all the while the LED is slow pulsing blue. I thought maybe it had corrected itself and hung my harvest back in the unit but with all of the
light it’s frequently displaying I’m afraid that is affecting the dry, it is supposed to be dark while drying and curing correct ? I also would like to start another grow asap. I have done every possible thing I can think of, rebooting phone,laptop,but it’s not my internet or devices, I have no contact with my grobuddy

Mine seems to be better after I came home from work @Stephen. Pulled my buds out from drying mode and going to post my dry weigh pre cure for you guys soon.

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Ok sitting here waiting for my support call meeting that was scheduled at 10:45 EST
Where is my support ?

Of course right after last post, I check my apps and it looks like you guys fixed the problem,
I have apps back on both computer and my phone, I waited on conference call thing but nobody
joined the call so I guess that’s probably why. How can I stop the dry mode it’s in and begin next grow ? I’m not using the unit to dry after going back and forth last 2 days it’s now drying in dark closet, but
I would like to get started on #2

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hi @Saint sorry for missing your call, I don’t think I received a confirmation for that meeting, did you book that through the website or on our support page?

Otherwise you can go ahead and terminate your grow from the app and you will get prompted to pick a new recipe! In between grows don’t forget to keep your pH probe wet!

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Yeah mine says error to

Seems they might be having a problem

@Bongsmoker89 you may have run into the issue we had with our system last night/this morning. The team was able to make an update that looks to have corrected it but if you are running into any issues feel free to send me a message at support@grobo.io and we can take a closer look!

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Day 116 harvest day :hugs:
Only thing she got dry and wilted Bc I forgot to refill water. Either way, today was the day. Idk if it will really matter at this point other than make it harder to trim. I filled the water back, let her sit for 24 hours but didn’t seem to make a difference? On to the next one.


Skywalker OG. Little over 2 oz. :fire::fire::fire: strong. Ton of resin all over sugar leaves. Very potent. Overall happy with my results. Definetely learned a lot with this first grow. Next one hopefully greater yield. The most important thing I learned with this growls to top early, multiple times. For more colas and to control height.
Just planted my next seed. Zombie Death F*ck :hugs:


2 days into drying smells great!! I’ll post dry weight next.


Guys for some reason I dont have a drying option on my app? Am I over looking it? I just hung my grow and little nervous my plant went hermaphrodite

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