Dry Coco Pod During Late Veg

I know… I’m nervous. But my first grow was a total flop, so I figure what’s the worst that can happen with this one… another flop?? Hopefully not!!! :slight_smile: And it seems easy so why not give her a shot.

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It’s a relatively easy technique and imo perfect for the grobo especially for Sativas. Will be easier to manage the plant, allow for the light to hit lower parts of the canopy and a stronger plant due to longer veg time before you hit that second fan (healing time).

I’d stick to 8 tops - I think 16 is really pushing the space restrictions in the grobo, but you may be able to squeeze it in. It gets more difficult once you start having a lot of tops to manage. You’ll want to start training - T’s not Y’s

The training bars in place to ScrOG later will be unnecessary if properly trained prior (e.g. plant tie downs). A little plant wire or paper clip and your magnets will be more than enough.

Hoping for better in your second grow!


Thanks James. Yes gonna shoot for 8


Same for me one week into Early Veg. I just added a couple cups of water into the reservoir directly and lightly spritz the plant/coco pod.

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If you’re well into late veg a dry coco pod is what you want. Less chance for mold… Once those roots have really hit that sweet sweet water the pod becomes a place holder sort of speak.