Drain and Refill Timing

I germinated my seed with the paper towel method. It opened up and rooted and I placed it in the pod in the Grobo on Thursday. The next day I had leaves. When do I drain and refill? It currently says day 2/10 germinating. Hasn’t the germination already occurred and now it’s ready for nutrients?


Drain and refills are once a week and on the day you started the grow usually at the hour you started
Youll get a top up notixlce after 4 or 5 days. I would only recommend this if your pod is dry, if not i would skip to your next weekly drain and fill. This is a critical step to avoid dampening off. Welcome to the community snd good luck


Thank you Todd.


My seed had already opened and had a 3/4 inch taproot when I placed it in the Grobo. Should it still be in the germination stage as stated on the App? This is what it looked like after Day 1.

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I think you should raise your pod a little, to prevent it getting to wet…
Most people raise it nearly an inch higher than your.

To do so, just raise the lid and push gently under the pod to raise it a little


Thanks Ben. When will it start the dosing process?

The Grobo only dispenses nutrients after drain/fills. Two minutes or so after the fill ends the Grobo will dispense bottle number 5, then bottle 3, then bottle 4, lastly it will PH balance.

I recommend you keep to the schedule and not fast forward. Grobo introduces nutrients too early in my opinion which cause yellowing of the lower leaves/nut burn. The cotyledon leaves have enough food for the plant to get started.


Dosing is always and ONLY done after you drain and fill your grobo, normally once a week.
Ph monitoring is done all week long

Your grobo is like a clock, it change day and week on a very specific time, WAIT after you are in the new growing week, THEN do your water change.

I normally wait around 30 minutes and take a sharpy and draw a line on each nutriments bottles, this way you will monitor how fast they go done.

It’s relatively slow first, but when it switch to transition it starting ‘‘drinking’’ more nutriments and even more during Flowering…
Last stage is Flush, 10 days with water only, no nutriments.
Make sure you wait the Grobo to be in Flush mode before you do that final water change.

It is possible you run out of bottle 3, 4 and 5 before your first grow


Thank you

Thank you Wake. Sorry but one last question. It’s in day 2/10 in the germination stage. I mistakenly upped it to 2/17. Is there a way to get it back to 10 or can I just move into the vegetative stage at that point?

You can flip to Veg at any time or any phase for that matter.