Do Grobo have a sensor dashboard?

From Grobo io I can access some basic info & functionality. I expected there would be a dashboard with info on temp, Ph, lighting, etc. Is there any way to see this information from Grobo io or some other way?


Not unless you do everything manually. We get NO information. You can stick a hygrometer in the box to get your temp and rh values, and you can unplug the nute bottles and ph your ro water as well as nutrients, and check your ec/ppm with said meter, but no we don’t get any of that info unless we create it ourselves :+1::joy:

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Thanks for the info, Osage. Disappointing, given this thing is connected to the internet and has sensors.

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It will be added in in future versions of the app

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When might that be Todd?


That would be great. Looking forward to it!

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hopefully someday day soon grobo will let us see our data. very annoying that we cant see it. would probably take a day to write the code for the app to show this. not quite sure what the hold up is.

I’d like an official update on this topic too. I’ve bumped into Bjorn on this topic on FB and got the dangling carrot.

I’d love to know if it’s actually will come to fruition. I read a post that basically said calibration tool was the priority and it has been launched. To me the next logical step is for data that we can see to actually make an informed decisions on what I need to do.

The info was originally advertised on the app I never thought of taking screen shots but the original app selling points were pretty impressive. Based on beta “feedback” the decision was made not to confuse new growers and it was removed I guess. That’s kind of my interpretation on what’s taken place until someone official says different.

In the interim there are steps growers can take to monitor the various environmental factors it’s not overly complicated once you have the basic information required for plants to thrive. :+1:





I don’t understand why they say showing data will confuse newbie growers and cause problems. if anything it will help guide them and get better results. have the data numbers show up green if in normal range and red if out of range to let the grower know if theres a problem. ph and ec are auto adjusted anyway so they should always be in range unless theres something wrong with the grobo or the grower did something they shouldn’t have. show the temp and humidity and have the app show pop ups if they are out of ideal range with suggestions on how to fix the problem. this is so simple I just don’t get it. I have a 350 dollar niwa and even it shows some data.


Preachin to the choir son…:joy: but yeah you preach man preach. We’ve been sayin the same thing over a year now :joy::scream::exploding_head: starting to feel like my government :joy::joy::joy:


They also won’t share any information about the recipe config.

BlockquoteIf you would like, you can ping me each time you drain/fill your unit and I’ll verify that it has dosed. You could also listen for the dosing pumps to activate after your drain/fill to ensure your unit is dosing as designed. Unfortunately our recipes are not public facing at this time.>

I’m not sure why they would do that other than to try to avoid people figuring out what the nutrients are, or maybe selling data? Also, I’ve been collecting this feed information manually.

For something that costs this much, the lack of control and even visibility to the data being collected is pretty terrible. Why can’t I create a recipe to make improvements over time to my grows? Why do I need to put a dumb temp and humidity sensor when there is a $2k internet connected smart box collecting that all the time?

Even rudimentary troubleshooting is impossible because of how locked down this system is. It certainly isn’t to avoid confusing new users…