Day 75 Gorilla Glue

Started the flush a few days ago. Tips of leaves at top are browning out, and the bottom canopy /small growth looks a little wilty. Only like 20 days left in the flowering cycle so I think I’m doing OK.


Browning of the tips during flower is normal and the wilting could be a need to defoiliate a bit to keep the moisture down, sometines when leaves sit on top of each other they can form condensation and wilting, have you tried a mini fan or removing some of the larger leaves?
P.s. If you started flush a few days ago how do you have 20 days left in flower?
There are only 10 days in flush and hopefully you haven’t started it yet because she’s not ready for flush!


She’s got a beautiful haircut man, (trimmed up real nice,) looking good! Can’t wait to see a pic of the flower :hibiscus:


My recipe has 42 days of flowering, but I think the last 20 days of that are flushing. Kind of like a sub section? Awesome feedback, I have seen a few drops of condensation, but also think it was just water droplets flying off the pump hose when I put it back.

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yeahhhh no doubt, stoked on plants right now

Hey Brother, I’m with B, this plant is nowhere near ready for flush, I would revert back to flower immediately and grow her to the proper trichome ripeness. If you continue with flush and harvest that early you will be dissatisfied with the results.


Pretty sure I goofed when I said it was flushing. The last time I changed the water there was an info/education alert about flushing, and I just fixated on that. Im still in the flowering stage according to the app.


Haha ok glad to hear it!