Day 54 removed fan leaves

Any way one can add nutrients after a top up? The plant seems to need a lot of water and with all the topping up, it dilutes the nutes! Any way of the machine adding nutrients each top up?? Should’nt this machine evolve to use sensors to know?




Put in a (SupportTicket) :tickets::ticket:… This is a great question and hope they give an answer… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


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The tips of some of your leaves are looking like they’re burning a little bit which I think can be a sign of too much nutrients, nute burn, which is fine cause it’s flowering but I wouldn’t be worried about it adding more. I’d guess that the fan leaves you took off had the slightly burnt tips a little more noticeable just because they’d be older leaves. But I could be wrong lol, this is just my speculation. If you take a look at my thread, master kush, you’ll see what I mean about the burning. I’m using a generic recipe so I’m sure everything isn’t just dialed in yet entirely but once we get an updated recipe list I’m sure things will be all good for the future!


The dilation of nutes is not a bad thing … just cus you dump nutes in their doesn’t mean the plant will eat them … the lower the ppm from I’ve learned the easier for the plant to eat as long as your not under feeding her … if your following the schedule they have already taken account for this … usually dwc growing you out enough in for the week …

For instance my trapstar is not liking anything over 750 ppm which is weird cuz by now she should but upwards close to 1000s. Anything over that and she begins to burn heavily and lock out potassium … cannabis is one of those plants that follows the rule less is more over feeding actually hurts the plant and stunts growth and also locks out nutrients


Thanks @chris_barfield

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