Day 32 - leaves turning quickly brown


I’m at day 32 and my plant doesn’t look happy. All leaves are sad looking and quickly turning brown.

Can you please advice on what to do?
I ordered Hydroguard but it’s only arriving in a week from now. I also just opened a ticket.


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How are the roots looking today? Any better or worse than before?

The roots are better. It was nutrients as suspected.

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(Is your fans both running):? :question:

(SorryThisHappenedToYou): (You did the right think on putting in a Ticket): :ticket::tickets:

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(How did this happen):? (Were both your fans on):? (How did the coco-pod stay too wet):? :question:

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Hello there,
Stephen told me my plant was affected by a dumping off, a fungus that strangle the plant at its base. Unfortunately it’s doomed to die. Oh well