Day 23, my first grow with a Grobo

I added 7 days to the early veg stage to make up for some hiccups like power outages and not connecting to the WiFi an not turning on 20hours a day everyday. I wonder when should I first trim it or should i have done that already? An then I think I want to add 7 days to late veg and the flowering stage too for maximum growth would that be an issue?

It’s a seed I got from some super good stuff I smoked, it happened to have two seeds in it.
Resin crusher from cannabis bro’s a hybrid of do-si-dos an strawnana. I am using the do-si-dos recipe.



Looks good! You can also always use one of the generic recipes for a bag seed grow, just like you stated, depending on what strain your working with, just find the generic recipe that matches up mostly! Hope some buds pop on this! As for trimming I would just let her keep growing for now until some more veg starts popping up. Def give her a topping once your 5th node starts peeking! Cheers!



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Hell yeah!! Looking beautiful my friend. I just had to restart my first grow after waiting 11 days. Put seed directly into grobo without germinating in water first…and waited. Absolutely no growth. Morning of Day 2 of re start And she showin’!

Can’t wait to see your canna Bush! Lol

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Thanks for all the tips an info. Here’s a photo update. image|666x500

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