Cropping question

I know that we want to focus all the plants energy on the colas to increase yield. We do this by cropping the leaves and nodes below the cola. I’ve got 1 more week of late veg to go. My plant is about 4 inches from the second fan so I assume it’ll make it there this week so I can let the Grobo switch over to transition/flowering.

My questions is should we allow some of the smaller branches to live? I’ve tried to keep the last 3 nodes on each major branch. Is this a good idea or should I trim more off so my colas will stack more?


I’ve got 8 main branches/colas as I’ve seen suggested and I don’t want to overcrowd. I’ve seen some grows where folks only have colas and no smaller branches with popcorn buds. If that’s optimum, I’d like to trim it all off so I still have a week before flowering to recover.

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We all chop em off. Plant deals better in the small space



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