Critical purple auto

Day 86 it still isnt got any buds on it. The grobo isnt giving me any notifications anymore far as water change or fills. Idk if it was cycling to night mode for a week or two honestly. I unplugged it and hopefully that reset it.


This grow is not getting notifications because its an auto that should have been done by now.
Looks like you treated it like a photoperiod and that could be your problem!
Send in a ticket to see if there is anything that can be done or if you will have to start over.

Been running on 18/6 schedule I didnt treat it like anything the machine is supposed to know the difference. And I’ve grew a auto before you still get water change notifications. I was getting them up till 2 weeks ago

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Most autos are grown in 2 1/2 months so that’s what I meant by treating it like an photoperiod in which it takes longer to grow.
When the recipe time lapse the notifications will no longer be available because it assumes the stages have been complete.
So if you have extended your grow for any reason your notifications will run out.

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Looks like a photo seed with an auto recipe… switch to a photoperiod recipe and you should be able to get her to start flowering.

You will want to supercrop the topmost colas it will probably continue stretching into flower a bit.

Or start over / move this guy outside or something.

There are still some options though that’s quite the beast you’ve got on your hands now!

@Bongsmoker89 I had this very thing happen in my tent just a couple months ago:

She’s nearly ready to harvest, have some updated pics. But I had to keep cutting off the topmost colas that were touching or past the light for a while.

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How do I change it to photoperiod recipe. Yes ive pushed it down into the water to give me a few inches to work with. Ah that makes sense why I’m not getting notifications I did extend it one week a while back

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Well, before switching it’d help to first confirm that you are indeed on an auto recipe? Was it one of these two recipes that you selected:

Any idea what sort of seed it was supposed to be, or was it a bagseed, etc?

Just don’t want to give incorrect advice in case it’s just a matter of waiting longer but it does look like it might be a photoperiod that is running on an autoflower schedule.

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@ vegetato.
It’s a growers choice seed one. I requested that one lol.

Did some googling to verify, but you’re not the only one who hit that with the GC Critical Purple seeds.

It does look like it’s supposed to be an autoflower but isn’t budding yet.

What you can do to flip to a photo recipe (which I believe will get her to start flowering) is cancel the current grow (“terminate” option) and then pick a generic recipe (without that A in a circle this time) and then skip ahead to transition phase.

It’d be best to do that right before doing the next drain/fill, or do your next drain/fill early (fixing recipe before doing so) to get her back on a better track asap.


I need to do a drain and fill tonight actually. Thanks for the info I was wondering like what the fuck ain’t this budding yet lol.

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There is actually a 2nd Critical Purple by “GCS” (is that Grower’s Choice Seeds?) in the list without the autoflower icon. That might be the better recipe to switch to:


image Bplatinum9 Champion

image vegetato Champion

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(ForAutoInformation): (ClickHere):


((#Auto)): ((#NotAnAutoGrow)): :video_camera:

(:warning: If your seed is “not an [auto seed]” and you choose ‘an [auto recipe]’ it will stay in veg. stage forever and ever):


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So this plant is getting way to tall thinking of moving it to a pot outside now that it’s getting warm. Im don’t not much about pot plant far as soil and nutrients can somebody give me any guidance to go by?

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Bump anybody?

Are you more comfortable with a hydroponic bucket/bin? Or neither?

@Hellyesshedid just figured me easier to pot it and stick it outside. It can get plenty of sun out back. Just need to know about the nutrients for potted plant

That things massive! Would you be able to separate the plant from the lid? Check with @Todd.grobo he’s doing a transplant from Grobo to soil


@Flyers28 I honestly dont know. But it’s almost touching the light though


I remember hearing something about super soil when I was deciding whether to grow with soil or invest in the grobo. It’s supposed to have all the nutrients you need for the life of the plant. I’ve also heard of “teas” being made to feed the plant. Maybe you can look into those and see if they’ll work for you.