Critical Purple Auto Day 38


When do you normally trim the fan leaves?

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So I am unsure of this … it is my first grow really first plant had to die around this same time as I had to move lol … Any recommendations?

I have not yet done an auto yet. Can you take a picture of the front too?

I usually start by the ones touching the “ground”. Aka: the plastic top cover :green_heart:


Decided to cut afew of em … see what happens

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It’s usually recommended not to top or trim autos, but all in all it’s YOUR grow. My auto I didn’t trim till first week of flower to help push energy to bud growth. Then again, the only way to learn what your genetics are capable of is to experiment.


Yeah a lot of stuff online says DON’T TRIM AUTOS but I’ve seen proof of it working. I’ve also seed topped autoflower plants and also people who have cloned autoflowers successfully, all three of those things are generally said to be nono’s on the internet. A lot of it comes down to the genetics of the plant and what stressors it can handle

@miami5th @FireGuy and myself have all defoliated our autoflower plants. I think I removed about 40+ leaves from mine and also accidentally snapped one branch off and my first trim job I accidentally cut an entire branch off too!

Take it slow with the defoliation, a leaf or two every couple of days will be less noticeable than taking 20-30% off at one time!

Your plant looks very healthy, good stuff @blue045 !


Well put @pyromancy! It really depends on the plant. It would be best to just trim a little (a few leaves) and wait a few days to see how she responds. If she takes it well then you can trim a few more leaves.


Just wanted to give update … triming fan leaves seemed to be smart … looks great day 42 … 2 days into flowering


She looks like she took the defoliation just fine :slight_smile:

Have you seen signs of gender yet? Any chance you can get a close up pic of the main branch and nodes? I don’t see any flowers started yet, but usually autos will show their gender by week 3 or 4

Really hope its not a male …

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She is still barely showing any gender imo, but I think I might see a couple stigmas poking out around one of the lower nodes. Also one more spot that looks like it might be a female preflower… I would keep an eye down there because any day now there’s going to be further signs! Hard to tell in the pic… im talking specifically about the reddish hair on the left side of that pic… what is that coming out of?


I totally could just be seeing stuff and making this up because it’s hard to see the picture, but I was zooming around your pic and found something that might be a possible female pre-flower, but it might just be the pic/my imagination :open_mouth:

Don’t quote me on this one :open_mouth:

Could possibly just be one of the stipules from the backside, but it looks like its nudged in there inbetween the node


Its a girl yay!!!