Compost teas! Good or bad in DWC?

Which pump did you use for res?

Ecoplus 960 or some such shyte :joy: it’s the one that does like 290 gpm. Over kill I know but sometimes bigger is better :joy::scream::exploding_head::clown_face:. No but seriously, the quicke th water goes through the chiller the more accurate it will be, plus I can “turn it up or down” in pressure :+1::v:


I am getting a custom built rdwc the guy just finished shipping out tomorrow. Everyone said build it yourself but I’m not a builder.

I’m getting the same chiller as Jerry. I gotta do it to save my plants from over heating.

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Hey there, saw this post from a while back,

Recently got my hands on some aerated vermicompost tea, and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience in using in the grobo before

  • Either as a foliar spray or reservoir additive.

Thanks in advance,
Lendl :slight_smile:

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