Compost teas! Good or bad in DWC?

Yea no doubt been adding ice and what not like I said I don’t think I do have root rot but figured it would be a nice discussion …

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Problem with the ice thing or even frozen bottles of water put in your res, it in turn makes your res water have big swings in temp. If you can afford it, I’d just buy the same chiller I bought. Just over $100


Yea I’ll be buying that chiller but you know rent is due so ima wait till the next check so things don’t become tight

Yeah, I get that. Just got a bill from emergency room for my daughter! It’s criminal how much they charge. I want to get that ion perfect ph wand, but in the same boat :joy:


Try 1400 dollars just for a case of pink eye :expressionless: ugh literally healthcare almost seems like it’s not worth it lmao

No it’s not. They’ve just created another way to keep us slaves of the system. Health care, mandatory contributions to state run annuities (which we’ll never see), cars now costing more than a down payment for a house, mandatory insurance and the list goes on and on. Fkn govt weaseling bastards

I think it’s the b-52. Once I started adding it to my grow I got the stain. Its not slimy just stained.

What is this fabled chiller?

What chillwe did you buy.

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This here thang:

The temp on the unit was a bit out of range due to my having to add a couple solo cups of water to my res because those beastie roots are gobbling up water :joy:


You think they make a chiller that can chill multiple buckets at once or would you have to buy a rdwc

Definitely if you want to spend 3-400+ bucks for sure. I would instead make/buy a res and chill that water and have a pump recirculate the water. So yes in the end it would be rdwc :joy::+1::v:

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Nice is all that other stuff hooked up to the grobo as well? What else is there in the pic?

Yes indeed. The box with two lines is the chiller, there is a pump for the chiller in the res, and a larger air stone connected to that pump on the outside, then lastly the round thing is a humidifier


You didn’t know @Osage is actually macguyver… :joy::joy:


I was actually surprised all that shit fit in :joy: it wasn’t easy, but I got er done :white_check_mark:


Which pump did you use for res?

Ecoplus 960 or some such shyte :joy: it’s the one that does like 290 gpm. Over kill I know but sometimes bigger is better :joy::scream::exploding_head::clown_face:. No but seriously, the quicke th water goes through the chiller the more accurate it will be, plus I can “turn it up or down” in pressure :+1::v:


I am getting a custom built rdwc the guy just finished shipping out tomorrow. Everyone said build it yourself but I’m not a builder.

I’m getting the same chiller as Jerry. I gotta do it to save my plants from over heating.

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Hey there, saw this post from a while back,

Recently got my hands on some aerated vermicompost tea, and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience in using in the grobo before

  • Either as a foliar spray or reservoir additive.

Thanks in advance,
Lendl :slight_smile:

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