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My experiences where limited to what happens after germination. I figured if I can get the seed to pop, then the Grobo will do the rest. The plant really needed to be filled weekly with distilled water, other than that, my experiences were not all that eventful.

The lollipop-ping, well it was interesting to say the least.  If I took off the bottom branches, the plant might have slipped lower through the hole.  But, who knows, the roots might float the plant and keep it from sinking deeper into the reservoir.  The coco pod essentially disentigrated when the root grew so large the pod just got in the way.  Some people might wanna remove it, but maybe just leaving it can’t hurt.  But bits and pieces of it could clog the pump.

  I would have liked to have had a larger cola on the main stem, but these things happen because the other branches had started to flower.  The number of leaves under the lights I’m told is important, so staying on top of trimming the leaves that are simply wasting nutrients is a bit cumbersome.

I can say that the more the plants that grows, the easier lollipoping, drying and curing should become.
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Amnesia Haze - Day 54

I topped the plant following the Grobo video and instructions found on AllGrowers. I left it for a few days and it grew more than I was expecting! Pretty happy with the progress so far.

Question though… how often should I be topping the plant and how do I know when it’s ready for this to happen?


First plant I’m growing (day 8 photo). I will have lots of questions for the after part as I have several more projects for after including girl scout cookies feminized auto, super og kush feminized pyramid seed and a red dragon feminized Barneys farm seed.


I recently entered into “flowering” mode with my Grobo! The stretch is real. I love being able to see everyone else growing on here and see where others are.

Does anyone have any advice on lollipopping and harvesting? I think the stretch is eventually going to reach the top of the unit!


Hey InBloom

What beauty tops! I see loads of bud sites getting great light. Great work! I would remove the leaves in the bottom 1/4 that seem to be in the darker area as far a lollipopping. Don’t want ‘popcorn bud’ or larf. If you sense you are getting too close to the top you can pop your coco pod through the lid to gain more space. Supercropping is also an option, bending your tops horizontally, allowing growth to continue and saving some space.

Be sure to keep us up to date on your progress!



What day in the cycle is that photo inbloom


Hey Todd! I’m on day 42 of my grow :slight_smile:


Was that an auto Sweet tooth @Stephen and did u top this plant?

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To piggyback off Jamminbear what was the dry weight? Not sure if I missed that post. @Stephen

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The Sweet tooth was not an auto and the yield was 42 grams. It was topped a couple times. The Lemon Thai yield was 58 grams.



@Stephen I just topped her one time and did some SuperCropping with her…

  1. When is a good time to stop SuperCropping?
  2. Should i defoliate the leaves on the bottom
  3. You mentioned tangerine dreams is in 40 day veg cycle?

Put in a Scrogg just in case she needs support…


Dude I fucking love this! I’m literally in the middle of making one myself!

Love the thinking!! :call_me_hand:t3:


Let’s just say it’s the calm before the storm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: …(flush) is coming…


@Rich I can’t wait see your yield. Please give us a review of your weed too. What is it again?


I guess that puts you at about 2 weeks roughly to harvest?

@Rich mentioned it was Chemdawg, lol I asked too. :+1:


@Azuri and @Jamminbear

Chemdawg is correct and a little over 2 weeks but close enough. Hopefully this week we get a little more density within the buds, but overall happy with everything.

Fingers crossed I get decent yield🤞🏼



Looking good so far! Dark green healthy leaves, short and bushy, no burned tips.

  1. Supercropping is a high stress training technique that serves a couple purposes. One is to allow you to manage your canopy by bending the branches in directions that benefit the plant. (Giving bud sites more access to the light) The second benefit is that THC is created by the plant for protection. When the plant is under attack (super cropped) it responds by upping the production of cannabinoids, THC included. All that being said, use HST (High Stress Training) sparingly. Your plant will undergo stress and respond, but constant stress isn’t productive in the end. I don’t super crop at all once I’m two weeks into flower and most of the stretch has stopped.

  2. Yes. You may be able to wait a bit, as each leaf seems to be getting plenty of light and is looking healthy, but defoliation is a constant chore. Remove dead leaves, lollipop, remove small branches and the bottom of your large branch growth. We want to focus the plant energy upward, giving us bigger buds.

  3. Just under 40 days, correct. The germination stage is 10 days, so depending on when you actually pop, your stage may vary. You will notice the light schedule change if you are growing out a feminized seed.



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