Cloning success stories

Tell me your cloning success stories.

Has anyone ever successfully rooted in just water? What’s your fave medium otherwise?


I took a clone off my current grow from my Grobo. She’s doing well started her in a solo cup here’s what I used.

Rooting Powder:

Growing medium:

Here’s the clone from current grow in my Grobo:

The two in the Solo cups were cloned 2 hours ago from a plant going into flower today. The bigger one is a OG Kush feminized seed.


@Azuri nice

@rainstorm3 I have successfully rooted 6 clones from my previous grow… 3 in just water and 3 I used clones gel and I forgot what brand tooting powered it was… the clones that were in plain water took almost two weeks to show roots … but they were all strong once they rooted… the clones with the rooting gel/powder were just under seven days and were strong as well …

I took the strongest and stuck her in the grobo and she is doing really good turned her over to flower this past monday


Hey Chris, I’d expect the girls that got tooting powder to grow faster too lmao :dizzy_face::laughing::scream::joy::exploding_head:


Yea I did it as a test to see how much slower the water clones would root

Lmao, I don’t think you quite got the joke. Read my previous post again brother :joy:


Haha @Osage.

Thanks @chris_barfield @Azuri I have had two failed attempts in plain water, think I’ll try again With a rooting powder in soil and see how that fares.


@rainstorm3 rapid rooters are awesome too work really well


Hey @rainstorm3

I’ve also rooted clones many times in the past again with rooting harmone and Rockwell cubes I would have done it this time but didn’t have any so I tried with soil and it worked. As @chris_barfield said the rooting powder is the secret ingredient. Ensure the cliping is done with clean and sharp cutters and on 45 degree angle to make the tip to be rooted as large as possible. Keep moist for the first week as you don’t want to wash away the rooting powder.

Rockwell has always been a winner for me in the past.

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