Cleaning the Grobo

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using Great White and the Reservoir is fully gunked out. Any advise on the best way to clean it please?

I like using a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and hot water.


Nice one, do you do that just before the flush?


I use this 50/50 wiv every clean :+1::wink:


Paper towel to get all the heavy gunk out before washing with vinegar & hot water! Makes for a better situation when running your drain & fill, dont want that stuff stuck in the lines! :eyes::seedling:


Now I didn’t think of using warm/hot water will grobie be ok yeah :thinking:

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So I basically need to take my plant out, give it a good clean, put plant back in then do the flush? The dry mode etc

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You should already be done with flush and dry before cleaning…
How to clean after harvest…
If you use a bucket or large bowl that’s not see through, to protect roots from light, you can take the entire plant attached to the lid and set it on top of that bucket with a bit of water so you dont dry your roots out while cleaning your reservoir.
How to clean after harvest…
Drain reservoir, then use paper towel to wipe down any gunk, debris, or solid particles before you fill reservoir and add vinegar for a scrub, drain and fill once more to remove setiment through lines and then fill and put everything back! :eyes::seedling:


Perfect, I’ve got a black bucket for it. I was thinking that but because it’s my first time just wasn’t 100%. You guys help so much, thank you :kissing_heart::facepunch:t2:

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Sorry one other question. What percentage on average do I need amber to cloudy trichomes?