Chemical burn

I’m only 21 days into my grow. 11 days into the vegetation stage. All was looking good when some of my leaves had changed colour. Almost like a rust colour. This was a picture taken 24 hours ago

This is a picture I took today

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Anyone have any idea what it is? I was thinking like a burn. Am I wrong?

Could be ph related? Send in a ticket and get them to check out your data. I could be wrong but I think nute burn starts at the tips of the leaves


Looks like mild manganese deficiency which can be caused by a pH inbalance. As others stated send a ticket in and they can check your readings. I zoomed in on the new growth it doesn’t appear to be there anymore, might be ok now.


I agree! This seems to be a issue that comes up often. Take the offending leaves off and let the plant focus on new growth :+1::v:

Hey @Pete,

We were just talking about your plant here in the office. We have bumped up your pH range a bit, so you should be in the clear. As the wise weed wizards have pointed out, focus on your new growth and remove the leaves that show the burn. (Not yet, they are still helping out a bit, but they may turn worse. Then pull them off)

If you find you are approaching the end of the late vegetation stage, but your plant is lower than the second fan, let us know and we will buffer your veg cycle with some additional time.