Can I use ILGM Super Silver Haze recipe for Greenhouse Seed Co. SSH?

As per the topic, is it better for me to use the generic recipe or the ILGM Super Silver Haze for Greenhouse Co. Super Silver Haze? Ordered them through seedsman but I cannot share the link in this post.

I believe Greenhouse Co. is the original creator of SSH?



Generic if its not specifically listed.


I’ve got ILGM SSH on the ILGM recipe. I’d do the ILGM recipe because they’re both very reputable seed distributors; that being said, this is my first SSH grow. (Day 25, Late veg day 1/14 probably 1/21)

I’m also not a champion. :zipper_mouth_face:

Can’t wait to see pics either way @ikaris :call_me_hand:

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I appreciate the feedback. I was curious about the recipe because in my limited research it seems SSH generally needs a higher light cycle so wasn’t sure if the generic would cause an issue. Again, not an expert here :).

I should be getting the grobo this week and the next week and will post progress pics as it goes.