Can I grow auto flower gorilla glue in my grobo without adjusting the lighting cycle?

So I have gorilla glue that is an Auto flower seeds and I was wondering if I can grow it in the Grabo by just selecting gorilla glue on the recipes? Or do I need to change the vegetation stage and the flowering stage to auto flowering for that particular strain and genetics?

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Hey @Dmtcuz

Your auto GG#4 will need to be run on an auto recipe. There isn’t one currently for GG#4 so go ahead and grow it with the generic auto recipe, and then submit a recipe request so that you may use it down the road.



yes, what @SWSVIC said


You guys are awesome. Much appreciated!!!


can you use that on any auto flower seeds ?

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If your autoflower is an Indica, or a Sativa, you can also use the Generic Indica Autoflower, or Generic Sativa autoflower recipe… if it’s a mix, go for the Hybrid one.

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and all 3 of them is in the app ?

Yeah type in “Generic” in the search bar, then look for the recipes marked with the blue “A” symbol, or specifically ones that are 71-77 days long (is another indicator)